How I Organized My Embossing Folders and a Freebie

I think organizing our supplies is almost as much of a hobby as using them!  I don't have a lot embossing folder  - 37 to be exact.  I know some of you have hundreds!  My friend Pam over at Pam's Pearls Blog had a great way to organize and store and VIEW her folders.  So I became the copycat and did the same thing!  So Glad I did!
It is very simple (especially if you only have 37 folders!

I used Paper Temptress Whipped Cream 100#  paper for this( these pictures look more ecru than the paper in real life, I photographing in my basement studio at night.

 I want to have a beautiful sample and Since I use this paper all the time I thought it would be fitting to have an embossed sample of it.

Cut the paper 6in wide and  I folded at the 4.5" line, that way I would have a full sample for my 5x7 embossing folders

I embossed the front of the "folder"

Isn't this lovely?  I also numbered the sample and the folder

And that is all there is to it!!

Think how nice this would be if you had even more.  I think Pam also had an O-ring of samples, which would make a lot of sense if you have a large collection.

Whipped Cream is a wonderful paper, one of many over at Paper Temptress!
Thanks for stopping by and here is a freebie for you to enjoy:
Ginny M


Great idea, Ginny (and Pam).

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