Artsy Card and Freebie

Today I am showing you a birthday card I made for my sister Cherie.  Both of my sisters are very artistic, Robin is a master quilter and Cherie is a master at whatever is in her had at the moment.  I wanted today's birthday card to be artsy and cool

The wavy background paper was done intentionally, I used a piece of textured paper from my stash, dry embossed, ink-stained and sprayed with mica spray.  
Getting something like this to adhere to anything can be a challenge.  By using Best Glue Ever I did not need score tape or hot glue for these problematic papers.

BGE even works on mirror board and ink soaked watercolor paper.

Just a thin bead, holds it all down.  Normally I run the bead very close to the edge.  Because I did not want this down perfectly I brought the bead closer to the center.

The layers held firmly and they were not stiff.  Some glues make your cards stiff and can actually crackle if you bend them a little - that is because the glue is breaking under the paper!

Thanks for stopping by, here is a freebie for your paper crafting:

Ginny M


What a gorgeous card Ginny -= so wonderfully rich in texture colour and detail!
Thanks for the wee freebie

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