Going to a party!

On Saturday I am going to a party, just three of us, we are going to sit in a basement studio, eat fruit salad and pizza and play with stamps.   I am looking forward to it, and I have been getting ready off and on all day.  We don't have a plan other than to just get some things done.  I was going to work on my Christmas cards, but I think I will wait till next week and see if I can get Steve to help me.  He will be off all week, still melting down from weds.  So that will give us something we can do here at the house.
So I have a list of things I  want to get done, in order, with all the supplies I need.  This is where I have been getting into trouble for decades; 
When I was 10 I wanted to organize the sleep over in the tent at my friends, and I did not want anyone stepping on my sleeping bag that matched my nightgown.  When I was a teenager, I was organizing where my friends could barf and not be heard by their parents up stairs, and how to hide the smell of the alcohol.  Of course since I was the only one not getting plastered, I was the one talking to the parents.   When I was older Still, I was the one doing all the cooking and and the cleaning for the get togethers, so we could get together.  Yep, and believe it or not I had and have lots of friends, Maybe for those of you who understand, I have lots of friends that need a "Martha" in their lives, and I even more so need them!!

 So tomorrow I am bringing gifts

A package of 100# Neenah Solar white,  Package of "By the Sea" papers two 4x4 nesting circle card blanks, a 6x6 Hexagon swivel card blank, a nice crystal lotus dish for their desks with a bottle of glimmer glaze, silk fibers, and Burt's bees stuff.  These gals Like these soft muted colors.  I'll take your black, red and cream Colors!

I'm bringing a fruit salad

I packed lightly:

and it will still take three trips to the car.  I love these kind of things, being grown up is wonderful!
I hope you all have a fun Saturday, what ever your fun is, you need it!!  We all do!!


Dear Ginny,

great news! I love parties!
Here is the link to PARTY DECOR ideas and not only ....for you: http://pinterest.com/vicabarachman/it-s-a-p-a-r-t-y-decor-ideas/

I collect ideas that would give my party the special touch that my guests deserve.

May you have a relaxing and fun party with your dear friends! Enjoy the event!

I also have another great link how to present gifts to your friends...Are you interested?
I love to work on gift wrapping for my friends!

I am sure you will find an idea for you! It is so thoughtful of you to surprise your friends with those lovely treats you prepared!

Enjoy yourself!
Love, Vica

P.S. I loved your comment on my latest card! Thank you very much for stopping by!

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