Roza картинка

This beautiful watercolor Rose was painted by my friend Lena.  Lena is a Wife, Mother and Sister.  She is temporarily living in the City of Ashdod on the Mediterranean coast of Israel. 

I believe we all have inner vision, it is this inner vision we try to express in our arts, to bring forward , giving birth to beauty.  Lenas' vision is rich and beautiful with life and promise of tomorrow.  A new bud waiting to open, a new day of life.  In my mind I can feel the velvety softness of each petal and smell that sweet spicy smell that pierces the air and demands your attention in the way only the Rose can do.

We all have different gifts needing to be brought forward from the heart.

 They are types flowers painted in dimensional beauty,

We have them in our  heart, they are there, locked in memories, and  they come out through our gifts,  needing to be  birthed , bringing to others.

These gifts, no matter what they are become a passion, which is why we have guilds and groups, specialty stores to sell the mediums in which we create.  Crafting, cooking, writing, so many gifts so much beauty!  So much blessing, all of it, fountains from the creator springing up like a well of life.

I would encourage you all to Spring up! Make your world a more beautiful place and share your gifts. Pick up the brush, needle, pen, paint, inks, pads, papers, clay, fry pan, dough, whatever it is you are blessed with and Pass it on!

Thank you Lena, in all the days' events you took the time to paint this beautiful rose for me.  It made me pause and remember the beautiful roses my mother grew when I was a child, they were glorious! It made the reality of  'the velvety softness of each petal and smell that sweet spicy smell that pierces the air and demands your attention in the way only the Rose can do'.  And now it will always make me think of you and the beauty your life and talents grace us with! 

But mostly it reminds me of Him in whom all beauty is founded.

"I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys."  Song of sol. 2:1


Dear Ginny,

what a pleasant surprise to see
Lena's rose on your blog! Thank you
for posting it!
Lena is in the hospital already.
Her operation will start early in the morning-at 7 o'clock.

It is 2 o'clock at night here...
Everyone is sleeping but I can't.
I feel like I'm on pins and needles.
Lena was so upset before leaving us today ...
I wish her good luck on her surgery. So many positive vibes and prayers have helped so much already.

I'm only keeping positive thoughts in my heart for all of you..dear Ginny and Steve. And I am sending you that positive energy your way.

Have a blessed day, Vica

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