Time and BMI of 24

I wanted a really big picture of clocks here,  It has been one of those days, or weeks where it just seemed like I was running against time.  Not Mad Hatterish,  just needing more time, to do the things I want to do and feel I need to do.  But I don't have it and that is probably a good thing, because time works like a diet in reverse.  You gain an hour and the next thing you know you loose 5 more.  It just happens, there is no explanation on the planet for explaining this.  Experts try, but they fail.  If somebody came up with the right explanation just once, we'd have enough time and we would all have a BMI of 24.
This will happen the same week a gallon of Organic milk costs less than 2 liters of Soda.   

I did manage to get a few cards made tonight.  My sweet husband is feeling better; he still sounds like Marlon Brando in that famous movie and we found out today that may take months to heal up and be normal.
 A very significant event did happen today, He took his car keys back, but before he did, my knowledge of him being a world class terrible passenger ( is it a male thing?) was totally reaffirmed. I did try and tell him he had absolutely nothing to worry about with me wanting to be the driver  when we went places!!

I wanted to make thank you cards for the meals that were brought in, cards, calls and just so much love shown to us. 


These are on 130# paper so they are nice and heavy.  I may put a magnet on the back of them.  I made a dozen altogether.

Well it is time to sleep, past time actually, but I needed the quiet and the peaceful purpose of thank you cards: I am thankful!
Have a great weekend! ~ginny


scrappymo! said…
These cardes are just lovley...I think the magnet idea is perfect.
Sorry to hear of your husbands diagnosis.
Mine has survived cancer for well over 30 years now. He was not expected to live, had mets to lungs and bones and had a battle but pulled through.
Prayers offered here for a speedy and whole recovery for your husband too.

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