Meals on Wheals

This arrived yesterday, today there will be a shipment of sealing bags to go with it.   I had this Brainstorm on Tuesday, What could I do to really help my Mother and her Companion when she got home from the Hospital?  Many of us are now in the situation of trying to help maintain our parents Independence.  My mother, in her mid 80's is still very independent and totally on top of things mentally, but she can't lift and shouldn't after surgery and her mobility is a little bit challenged.  Same thing with the BF.  If I had room here I would just move them both in, and that might be happening down the road, but we would have to sell the house and look for something bigger and on one floor.  So to help immediately I am going to become meals on wheels.  My sisters bought the machine and bags and I am going to do the cooking and delivering!  They would do this too but unfortunately east and west coast sisters live to far away.  I am looking forward to this endeavor.  I run a whole foods, organic kitchen and I love to cook and I love to eat good food.  My plan is to have a food plan and when I cook for my family make enough to freeze for my parents.  When I go over once a week to visit and help out there, I'll bring the meals!  If any of you have experience using a food sealing machine and would like to pass on tips, PLEASE leave comment, I'm a rookie at this!!

On the Crafty side of my Yesterday night:  I've started a new mingle or swap for OSA, this is an oriental cat mingle.  I'm going to make swing cards for this!  First time!  Lindsey W. so nicely provided a FREE svg file for the card base I couldn't resist!  If you have an electronic cutter and would like to have this go here:  This BTW is my favorite blog and favorite videos person!   Lindsey continually offers up the best crafty tips and tools, home inks, homemade stamp cleaners all kinds of great stuff!  Last night I cut the 90# card stock and will work on the rest of the cards sometime today I hope!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!!
Ginny M


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