Ahhh Thursday!

I'm not sure what it is about Thursdays, but I have always loved them!  The week is almost past and the weekend not yet here, it is kind of a pause day.  When I was younger and a single parent, the weekdays were so hectic and full of demands, it seemed like I was perpetually treading water till the weekends.  I realized one day how unhealthy this was, how totally stressing Monday thru Friday was in my life.  I decided to make a change, reorder a few things so that I could feel like I could breath during the week.  The biggest change however happened with my perspective, I applied something I had been saying/thinking/singing for years "This is the Day that the Lord hath made and I will rejoice and be glad it is!"  I wasn't enjoying each day as it came, I was letting the cares of life steamroll me.  We all know what that feeling is like, and it isn't good.  So I made a change in my thinking, it was that simple.  What I had no control of I let go of and just committed it to God. What I could do I did the very best I could do and I gave the margins to God.  But the most important thing was gave myself to his loving care. Yea there were still more bills than paycheck, still kids wanting me to be Judge Judy the minute I walked in the door from work, I still went through two New England winters with out heat or hot water in our apartment (we were that poor!).  But what changed was me, I was content, I knew the struggles wouldn't last forever, the bills would get paid and the kids would quit bickering.  We boiled water on the stove and set up space heaters, we ate spaghetti 3 nights a week, we were happy.  At the end of that chapter in my life came Steve, and then a whole new volume began, that volume started out "An this is how they lived happily ever after"  We're still writing that chapter, Someday I will have to post a picture of the first Card I made and sent to Steve, He still has all of them, they even survived a house fire! That first card took me 4 hours to make, what a great investment!!  Ya might not be able to get a man with a gun, but ya can with a card!!!
I'm posting cards that I made for my Maxam Made Studio shop, they were on my WOYWW#172:
This is my nature series #1 I really need to get some help with my photo manager!  I'll have to ask Steve when he gets home....

These have blank interiors, great cards to encourage.
Made on 90# bases A6 size.
Lastly a peek at a temporary storage solution for my TH distress inks and reinkers.  I wanted these on my desk.  I am going to ask one of my Steves to make a wood box for me to make this a more permanent solution!
When I purchase an ink pad of any type I purchase the reinker too.  If I can't find a reinker easily, I don't purchase the pad. It just gets too costly to keep buying new pads.
I make all my own reinkers for my pigment and chalk pads using gauche, glycerin and h2o, it is easy and cheap and the colors are limitless.
Thanks for stopping by, have a great Thursday!
Ginny M.


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