Today became an unexpected day home!  It's gray and rainy, I've got lots of things to do.  Ever have one of those days, Just not sure where to start?  The laundry is done, the food is prepared and ready, the house is  clean and no place to go in a hurry It all boils down to Stamp time!!!  Just not sure where to start.  When I begin a project I write it down, keep track of the progress.  Right now I have 3 swaps to make 15 cards for and then tonight I have a stamp till you cramp get together.  For the get together I am supposed to be doing my Christmas cards.  I am hoping to get 60 more panels embossed this afternoon so I can bring the stuff to work on.  I don't feel the unction for the swaps, and I wanted to star a new project so I went looking for a stamp:

I couldn't decide, too many choices.  I do better at 2am than 10am!!!  So What I did decide to do was finish some of my "scrap cards" these are cards using left over pieces of paper.  This happened to be a set from graphic 45's bird song.  So far from 6 sheets of paper, I have made 16 cards.  Here are the cards I ended up finishing.

One thing I wanted to share today, I do a lot of embossing, So thanks the the frugal crafter  I discovered that regular old glycerin makes an excellent embossing ink!!!  I just add it to my old versa mark pad and I have along time supply!  for a few dollars
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have o wonderful Friday!!


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