High Tea

I went to a high tea tonight, hosted my a life long friend, Lori U.  What a magnificent event she treated us to.  This was her 6th party.  6 parties over the course of about 25 years.  I have been to all of them.  Lori is one of those friends that know how to make everyone comfortable, she has a gift for hospitality.  I can't count how many time she has made me have fun!!

this shot is so blurry, but here she is welcoming us:

The decoration  theme was Shoes, and she had at least a hundred of them all spray painted Aqua, tied with ribbons and lit with a candle!   There were many faces I knew spanning the 25 years.  And then Some new ones:

These were my dinner partners, Jan, Bev (Bev I have know for at least 20 years and don't ever get to spend enough time with her) Kyla and Gail.    These gals were just the best dinner partners, we had so much fun during the night!!
After a wonderful 4 course meal we listen to a dynamic message by
Author Ruth Harvey
Ruth is a Minister and author residing in CT with Her Pastoring husband and daughters.

after all was eaten, said and done. our table favor had this beautiful message:

Cause me to know they way, Wherein I should walk.  Teach me to do thy will for thou
art my God. Psalm 143:8+10

Thank you Lori!

Thanks for stopping by,
Ginny M


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