Today I have a day off, so it will be a catch up day and with any luck I won't be going anywhere, Just staying home and doing home stuff!
Last night I was working on a project and had a hard time finding a color of liquid pearl stuff in the dimensional paint drawer. So I decided the day had come for me to remove the labels so I could see the colors inside.
Before you think it, Yes I do have a life,  but for what ever reason labels and branding bothers me, it has since I was in my early twenties.  A med rep would come into the office and give the staff beautiful pens and leather padded folios and it would have a giant purple Viagra logo plastered across it.  yeah right, I found acetone would take care of that in seconds and I would have the beautiful pad and pens sans VIAGRA written across the whole thing.  I don't use purses that have huge label brands on them real or knock off - I don't want to be a part of branding, I know this is going to an extreme, but I think 500.00 for a handbag is shameful and a knock-off has the same spirit of self indulgence.  I have lots of friends and family that have these bags and things of that nature,  it is just not for me, it isn't who I am or want to be and I feel kind of strong about it.  My husband say hooray on that very softly because while I wouldn't spend 500.00 on an handbag I sure would on a sewing machine!!! 

I think labels hide beautiful things, and keeps us from seeing.  I take the labels off my spice jars and that at times makes Steve nuts.   I know what it is by sight and smell. I take my nuts and dried fruits out their store packages and put them in to glass bell canning jars to store in the cabinets.

Sometimes Labels do this to people too.  The label can hide beauty and talent.  We see so much of that in the world today.  People can choose labels and some times they are inflicted.  I try to find the person under the label.  In this world of tattoo's and piercings and pancake makeup that can be daunting.  Ever seen a older teenager that scares you? I have, lots of them and sometimes a simple conversation reveals the unexpected.

But back to my craft room  and the labels there that are stuck on with 200 year lifespan adhesives !  I have about 50 of these crammed in a small drawer where the light isn't great.

I soaked them in hot soapy water, used goo gone, used naphtha, used denatured alcohol, finally after I stopped wheezing from the fumes I found a can of WD40 and sprayed the bottles with that and that worked!  so it went like this:

Soak in hot water - some of the labels will come off - adhesive left behind
Spray with wd-40, wipe the adhesive  off with a rough towel
Wash The wd-40 off with hot really soapy water.
Towel dry
the whole process took about 90 minutes, I know seems like a lot of time but the end result was worth it  - I can see what is really in the bottle!

Now the question remains, should I keep going?

I thought of this verse while i was scrubbing these little bottles. 

"Not by works done in righteousness, which we did ourselves, but according to his mercy he saved us, through the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Spirit" Titus 3:5 NAV

As adults we work very hard creating our own "label" or work at undoing one slapped on us. But the Love and mercy of God, removes that label and brings to light the beauty He placed in us from the beginning.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you have a great day!
Ginny M


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