Rhino in my back yard

Today was one of those days, I will spare you all the details, but at the end of a long day for me while Steve was resting a bit, I went into the back yard to look for land mines:  This is our 165lb land mine producer:
Now he is very good at this, he will not only produce them, he will wait a little while and think they are treats.  When he does this is does the very special trick of coming in the house and exploding.   So needless to say the dumb thing can not be let out side with out a shovel armed guard or at least a previously inspected yard. 
I found what I thought was either evidence of a Rhino being in our back yard or one of his treats.  Now you have to understand I was tired and still had a lot of things to do.  So I shoveled up the poo, went to go put it in the special triple lined lidded  bucket. Only to find it had not been emptied in about three weeks.  You can get the picture, about 35lbs of this stuff sitting around in a hot summer.  Now since it was so full and my shovel was full. I decided the best thing to do was fling the shovel components into the woods behind the shed.  So I aim'd,  fired and missed, I hit the bloomin shed!  I put the shovel down and went to remove the over full bag (I was going to hose off the shed and clean the bucket.  So just when I didn't think my day could get any more frustrating, it did, the Bag broke and 35lbs of you know what went through my hand.    Beside gagging I somehow managed get all that crap back into three more bags, double bags those, clean the shed and the bucket and soak my hand in another bucket of bleach.    During all this the Rhino dog stayed as far away from me as possible and had that look like 'I can here the typing on Craig's list now!'  So If any of you out there are having a bad day and think things can't get any worse- You are wrong!
On the Crafty side, after I disinfected myself I made a few cards.  This card will be used in a OSA mingle that is come up.
The background Is embossed kanji writing that I was able to translate thanks to google , it says "Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift"  From 2 Cor 9:15 
I enjoyed making these cards, they are A6 size on 100# papers.
The next project will be a stationary set for my mothers Beaux
Thanks for stopping by and I sure hope you weren't eating when you started reading this! have a great day and `Chaim!


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