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I'm getting ready for a fun night with a few girlfriends, we're going to stamp camp!  We get together and make cards, learn new techniques and maybe try a few new products.  My friend Jackie is hosting tonight and she always does an awesome job! Maybe I'll be able to take a few pictures!
Last night I made a new to me card, a trifold and I really enjoyed making them!  I thought I'd run through the steps here on my blog. 

Here is a picture of the finished cards to give you an idea if you want to spend anymore time here..

These cards are lager just about an A6 size so would require that A6 envelope.  You could easily make these an A2 (an half sheet card from 8.5x11)  I prefer the large size.  I am also going to give this to you in a 12 card batch recipe!!  Of course you can trim this down but I like it some much I wanted to send these out to my prayer group!
What you will need:
Cutting tool
Scoring tool.
12 sheets 8.5 x11 card stock for card bases
I used an 88# and with scoring and burnishing, it was the perfect weight!
2 sheets 8.5 x11 card stock for face (to stamp image or sentiment on  - I used a bible verse)
2 sheets contrasting 8.5 x11 card stock for first layer.
2 sheets  8.5 x11 card stock for  third layer
2 sheets card stock 8.5 x11 card stock for inside sentiment.
I chose cream for bases and layers, with Aqua for the contrasting color

So that would be a total of  18 sheets 8.5 x11 card stock  bases and layers
2 sheets contrasting 8.5 x11 card stock

3 sheets designer paper 12x12

Hopefully these directions won't take as long for you to read them and try this  as it took me to write them and confuse myself!
 Direction writing is a gift, I probably need to put it on my birthday list!
Any Way Next:

might want to have distress inks, a little bit of bling to add on , or you might not.
I used coordinating ink colors for the stamped verse and the personal note inside, they were also the contrast color.

Pictures I hope will help...

Cut the card stock, 6.25 x 8.75  
Score on the 2.25 and 4.5 lines, I marked my score board (piece of tape) I am very nearsighted so this helps me find the scores lines quickly, when doing big batches, this saves time and stress on my eyeballs.
Here is the card folded and burnished.  Once the bases are all cut, I set it aside and start on the layers

This is a place where having a video would be helpful (nothing to do with how much I don't like typing) but the written instructions just seem more complicated than they really are .  It took me 10 minutes to cut all the paper for the 12 cards.

Your face layer (for image or verse) : 3.75 x 2.50  (12)  this uses two sheets CS.
2nd or the contrast layer:  4.00 x 2.75  (12) this uses two sheets CS.
3rd layer  4. 25 x 3.00 (12) this uses two sheets CS.

Deco paper 1sheet  cut in half  then make 2 x6 cuts (12)
Deco paper 2 sheets cut in half then make 4 x6 cuts (12) so that is three cuts to each half (4 x 6 )

Here I wanted to show you my neat little stacks, but it was 2am and Tink wanted to show you his lovely spot.

When I make up a new kit, I always save a sample card, a set of sample pieces and the directions written on the sample pieces as to the measurements and then make a set of tags so I know what I am looking at when I am putting the whole deal together.
this all goes in a plastic envelope and gets filed till I make up another batch.  At one point I could have remembered all the component sizes, but that was when I made one card folded in half with a sticker.  Things have become a little more artistic and I need to write it down!

I do all my cutting and measuring standing, much easier for me!  These storage units are at 37" the perfect height for my 5'7' self.  Thank you Steve for finding these and making the space work!

I assemble all the parts, building up the cards, doing the stamping, distressing for this one, in batches of twelve.  A production line set up.  The last part of the card required the inside to be set directly behind the face and layered section.  So to do this I just put the adhesive on the back of the paper and then held it to the back of the front layers adhesive side down (Don't worry you wont have any extra screws when you are done with these instructions)

You can't see that layer because it is sitting behind the top perfectly.  I did this so that you cannot see that inside layer before you open the card.
I am pressing this down and smoothing to make sure that bottom layer is down tight.

What I found worked well was writing out the sentiment before I taped it into the card.
It takes me about an hour and a half to make 12 cards.
I used my ATG gun for all the adhesive on these cards.

Thanks so much for stopping by, these cards are really a lot of fun and easy to make!
Ginny M


Shelly Schmidt said…
This is a beautiful card! I love the verse you used, and the DSP. I usually make one card at a time and I am really S-L-O-W!!!

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