Icebergs on the CT river

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It is cold here today and windy, Frrrrr ezzzing cold and WINDY.  And yet This guy still thinks he needs to go out side and get exercise, he told me so while I was sitting at my desk in my nice warm stamp room with my mini furnace keeping my feet warm.

 The animals around here think I am their pet, Luke  gets in my way enough that I can't do anything except what he wants.  We go through this every day around 11 am, it is the Luke hour.

               Tink just gets in the way because he thinks it is funny.
When I got Luke out for his walk, it was so cold the ducks were trying to swim south, before the icebergs hit them
I think they may have actually been frozen and they were floating with the currant, I couldn't get pictures of the ice flows they were moving too fast and my camera lens was to slow , I will let you figure the physics on that. 
Tink is here thinking I am pretty boring on a regular basis, he also couldn't find any other place to park himself except on my freshly printed business cards, before inking them up at least!
In my warm stamp room I've spent some time for  the last two days on the unmounting project which is what's on my Work Desk..
I now have 80% of my stamps off their wood blocks.  I think I will likely leave the other 20% on their wood.  Of the wood mounted group I have 88 large and extra large background stamps.  I use my speed ball mini press  with those and get excellent results. So I think I will keep them on their blocks.
I think the times we are living in are very interesting, I would suppose all of the times of lives have a great deal of interest, it is all a matter of perspective.  But in this day and age the lines of black and white, right and wrong are fading very quickly.   The Word of God however has never faded, and is a true compass in a time of fog and darkness.  I was reading today in Proverbs 21:21 and it says this:
" Whoever pursues righteousness and kindness will find life, righteousness, and honor."
I found that very comforting to know there is a reward for righteous and kindness, that is is still and will forever be a right pursuit.   Those are words we need to hear more, see more in action: Righteousness, Kindness, Life and Honor.  I want more of that in my life this year and I want it to be my regular pursuit.  How about you?  A world with more of this starts with us!
I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday and every day!
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Ginny M


Claire said…
one reason i'm a cat lady - don't have to brave the cold to give the pet exercise :)
can see how busy you've been! and pussycats love to sit right where you need to be, don't they?
happy WOYWW and have a great week :)
no. 5
Julia Dunnit said…
Oh Ginny, I'm glad that your chore of unmounting is going well. But I hate that you're doing it, almost taking it I would miss my wood mounts! I completely get all the reasons and practicalities..i think I admire your will power!! I often wonder at the dogs...don't they get cold feet? Mind you , there's reall nothing better than a walk in the fresh air - the feeling of getting in and peeling off the layers - it's wonderful!
Helen said…
I find it amazing that people wish to unmount their wooden stamps, I love mine (most of mine are wood mounted) but I know the storage is a problem (for me, too!!) and often using them, but I prefer them. Still, hope you complete your task! Happy Woyww, Helen 9
okienurse said…
great post this week. Darn critters just don't seem to understand that humans need a little space of their own. my cat is now controlling the key board and keeps making me have to delete her errors! Have a great week. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #35
Mmmmm. sometimes wonder myself who is the owner and who is the pet. You have a lovely collection of butterfly stamps - well done you for nearly finishing your unmounting project. What will you do with all the blocks though? Happy WOYWW Cindy #70
Shazsilverwolf said…
Well done on the unmounting- I've just finished mine, and like you I left the really large ones (about 20 or so), on their block. I kept a few small blocks( in a post on my blog) and made myself some inking tools out of them. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz xx #73
MrsC.x said…
aww look at his gorgeous face! i couldnt bare to demount my stamps so i admire your being able to

Happy WOYWW Mrs.C #45
Ria Gall said…
I am so glad I am not the only one who's pets come into the craft room to say they need to go out, play, be fed. My large dog Lucy always nudges my hand with her nose to get attention.
great idea taking the stamps off the wooden blocks.
Ria #92
Maxam Made said…
Hi Cindy! That is a good question! I have saved the ones I really like and plan on tiling them toghether to make a work surface and then adding a slab of glass over it. Sound cool? Thanks for stopping by!
Craftychris said…
ooh that face, you cannot say no to a walk! Tink is 'helping' with your business cards!!! You are doing a good job with your stamps - I love that you are turning the ones you really like into a work surface, that is an awesome idea! Have a good week and stay warm! xx #118
voodoo vixen said…
Ummm, I think it would take a very hard person to be able to say no to that face... so out into the cold with you!! ;) Love the cat on the cards... typical how they always choose the oddest places to make themsleves at home! Annette ~18
scrappymo! said…
Icebergs on the rive! Oh my!!!
This is a funny winter so far. We have had 2 dumps and snow that have melted and gone...we are blessed I huge problems with scary roads like we have had with roads in the past.

Your desk is looking great...your helpers are doing a good job if they are keeping you warm!
Don't know if i could bear to remove my beloved stamps from the blocks but do know how the new method saves space!!! Your stamp press sounds intruiging! I find it so hard to get a good image of those huge background stamps.
Anne said…
Love your post! When we don't feel like going out in the fresh air, a dog will always show us the way! Bracing yes, but most of the time we feel so much better for getting out and appreciating the warmth of our house when we return! Your butterfly stamps are gorgeous! I love to see stamps mounted on nice wooden blocks, but storage space and prices just don't allow. When I unmounted those I had I used the blocks for firewood! Don't cringe! Needs must! I have never heard of the speedball mini! TFS! xxx
Ali said…
Doing a belated skip around the WOYWW posts!

Love all your butterfly stamps! And that press looks fantastic!

Ali #77

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