Whats on your Work Desk # 244

My ever changing work desk is once again on display for the WOYWW# 244 world wide blog hop, the fun starts here at Julia's work desk in the UK!  Grab a cuppa and enjoy. Since I am doing this about 1 am EST I'll  be doing my hop in the a little later in the day!!  But I did want to join in now, it gets so busy as the day progresses!
At my sitting work desk I am making a few random "Use It up" birthday cards.  I am finding I need about 100 feminine birthday 25 masculine and 15 kid cards a month now so that means I really need to keep making them all the time.  Making these cards brought me to another conclusion.
I decided I was driving myself crazy. This is the last card made with my scraps.    I whittled away my scraps to a mere 1/2pound or so.  The rest that really were really good I put in a box to go to a friend of mine who will use them for one of her projects!.
I learned something in this: I need to stop "batching"   card components and from now on what I don't use I am going to toss, I don't have the room to store bits.  I'll keep the scraps only for the week and If I haven't used them I will donate them. Since I cut down my 12x12's I have a lot less designer paper left overs, so I'm just going to "let it go and be free" in the frugal sense, just make the cards in sets so there won't be scraps!
Any way after deciding to cut myself free from that little ball and chain, I organized my standing work are to get finished with a few projects and get those supplies out of my way.
My Finished birthday cards:  5x6 size
Fun cards!!
By The way, I am using glue about 90% of the time now and I am quite happy with the results.  My layers are sticking much better and this week I only used a few feet of ATG tap instead of a half dozen rolls of ATG tape.
Check back tomorrow for some cards I made with a great new stamp set, So fun!! As long as the snow doesn't cut the power down for me to post!!
Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a great day!  Enjoy WOYWW#244!
Ginny M


jill said…
You certainly have a lot of cards to make . The ones your showing us today are lovely . Happy woyww Jill #35
lisa said…
Wow, that's a lot of cards you have to make. I think we all collect piles of scraps and it's really hard to use them up so well done.
Love the cards you've been creating.
Hugs Lisax #54
Anne said…
Goodness me that's a lot of cards. I know what you mean about the scraps- driving me crazy - am trying to make myself only keep reasonable sized pieces as I tend to keep even smaller bits :-( Have decided though that if I can't get one made for any reason I will send one I bought. I don't like doing that but I was getting so stressed if I didn't get them made. It was spoiling the pleasure I get from making in the first place. Anne x #63
Lisa-Jane said…
That's an incredible amount of cards every month! I wouldn't make that over the course of the year. Do you sell them? #46
Love how you used vintage fashion images to create these colorful Birthday cards Ginny.....you are so clever,,,,,,love it, love it.
Robyn Oliver said…
Hi Ginny....yes you must explain...you make a LOT of cards.
But....your cards this week are gorgeous..great period ladies. My friend just sent me some stamped ladies so I'm getting inspiration from you. Have a super week glad you're using up the 'scraps' (I'm a scrap collector) Cheers RobynO#16
Jan said…
Nicely Done Ginny...great cards!
Hi Ginny, I had a good laugh to myself when you said you were done with your scraps! I know how proud you've been to be using them up. But, at least you found a good alternative use for them in re-gifting them! And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those very classy lady cards. Beautiful. Hugs!
Peg Robinson said…
Hi Ginny
I think we all hold onto too many scraps. Glad you felt comfortable with freeing yourself. Really nice cards I know whoever gets them will enjoy them. Peg R 25
Glenda Brooks said…
Great job! Love those cards. Have a happy WOYWW!
Glenda #74

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