WOYWW #246

Yay!!  What on you Workdesk??  Just fun stuff today, a world wide tour of Crafting desks! It starts here at Julia's blog over the pond in the UK! 
We've got so much snow here, over 4 feet I wanted to bring some in and take a picture of it on my desk! 
Okay, that  isn't my street, it just feels that way!!

I've been busy like everyone else here in New England dealing with the snow and am sooooo ready for spring!!
Today on my desk, a batch of bookmarks that will be going out in get well  and thinking of you cards.
I read a lot ( real books), recently someone sent me a card with a book mark and I thought it was such a brilliant idea I've been making and doing the same!
I like to put something on the back, a bible verse or great quote.....
I used Nicecrane book mark images for these:
These images print up nicely, these are done on 100# smooth cardstock
I did one very simply in balck and white with out a backing
I am going to do a ink comparison soon, the ink I used on the backs and the front of this stamp is really printer ink I buy in bulk, for 7.99 I buy a large 16oz bottle black HP printer ink refill. I put a few drops on my ink pad and I have the best black ink I have found. Normal reinkers run around 4.99 per 1/2 oz.  if you do a lot of stamping and go through a lot of ink, those prices are downright gouging! I'd been looking for am economical replace and found one!!! But more on that later!
Thanks for stopping buy and I hope you have a great day and time to check out a few more crafty desks!!
Ginny M


Hi Ginny, Happy WOYWW to you! I had a good laugh when I saw your photo of the snow piled up high! But, you're so right, that IS how it feels! Missed you at Jackie's on Monday night! Hugs xo.
Claire said…
These are lovely - Be still and know is a favourite verse :)
Hope the snow isn't causing too much havoc...
Happy WOYWW!
no. 31
Sandy Leigh said…
Your bookmarks are so pretty! I want to make some more bible bookmarks, now, for gifts! Thanks for your sweet visit today, I'm so happy to meet another embroiderer! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #13
Zeffy said…
Beautiful book markers I like the versus that you chose....looks like spring has sprung on your desk...ZEFFY 64
Jan Castle said…
Wonderful Bookmarks Ginny...even your workdesk scribble sheet is colorful!!! Spring is right around the corner here - finally - saw some yellow crocus up and blooming on my way home today! Woo Hoo!!! TFS
Your bookmarks are beautiful, so I'm sure the recipients will treasure them. I really like the scriptures that you've added on the back. Blessings!
sandysewin said…
Those bookmarks are lovely and the scriptures are wonderful.

Wow, that is a LOT of snow. Makes the bit we've been griping about seem like very little. :-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and for the nice comments.

Happy Woyww,

Sandy #4
Davi said…
Such beautiful bookmarks Ginny, love all the different ones :)
Daniella said…
I think it is a brilliant idea too!! Your bookmarks are so pretty! And thank you for the tip about the ink!
MaryH said…
Ginny, LOVE these bookmarks. Ignacio recently gifted me with one I see you have used. So generous of him, and I love what you've done with it. I made a card with one of them. Thanks for the tip on the printer ink for stamping too. Where in New England area are you? We visit in Marlboro MA annually at least. I don't miss the snow at all! TFS & Hugs
Wowwww Ginny,,,,love the way you used my Audubon Bookmarks to include yu stunning verse....my friend,,,,, very well done,,,,,,woww,wow,,,,
Nelle said…
What a beautiful idea. A light has just gone on in my head, I hope you don't mind but I think I would like to share this idea.
When I give gifts I include a little card but think this I a nicer keepsake.
Nelle 71 xx
Oh wow, Ginny. These bookmarks are STUNNING. Very impressive and they look so rich with detail, too.

Thanks for the Wednesday visit. I'm running late this week because of more power outages, this time accompanied by loss of my phone and internet services. Seems when it rains (or snows in my case) it pours. Not like "your street," but close (grin). Happy belated WOYWW from #3.
glitterandglue said…
Ginny, those bookmarks are beautiful. All the images are great - but I really like the scripture blessing one. Well done - and what a lovely idea. I absolutely devour books, and consequently am always using up bookmarks.
Have a great week. Yes, I trust you get spring soon - but I am extremely jealous of your snow - we haven't had much to speak of here - no real winter to kill the bugs! That snow picture is amazing.
Margaret #17

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