Quilty card technique

I entered Oriental Stamps arts Challenge #316 today and got my card in just under the wire.  
This weeks card required doing a modified simple quilt technique.   
 This card took me about 5 minutes to make. 
I will show you the card first stand then go through the steps:

The challenge required these triangly shaped pieces and a stamped image and embellishments.

I picked out may papers:

Decided which colors I wanted where and glued the first area down.  This looks like a lot of glue but it really wasn't .  I use Lineco glue, it works beautifully, it is made for handmade book making.

In this next step I make sure I line my corners to the edge of the paper as I cut my base to the exact size I needed. This reminds me a lot of quilting..

Adding each piece leaving a margin of about 1/8th inch

Here is the reverse side.

Cutting it down to fit

the finished piece reverse

I glued the base paper onto the card base added the  embellishments.

you should give this a try it is loads of fun and a good way to use scarps!!
Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Hi Ginny, these papers are really beautiful and elegant for this fun background you have created. Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Crystal
Mehrll said…
Great card. I will have to try this.
Lovely work sis, well done, Shaz in Oz.x

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