Honoring Godly Women, Word art Wednesday and a freebie

This weeks anything goes challenge over at Word Art Wednesday  starts off with a wonderful devotion by Karen Letchworth.  This devotion centers around the power of the Living word in the lives of women, take the time and read it you will be blessed!

On a personal note, having been a Christian woman now for 35 years, living daily in my faith and walking one step at a time with the Lord.  I can testify that the words of this proverb are true. 
Christianity above any other faith honors women as they should be honored and treated as they should be. There is no gender prejudice, we are equals in all aspect of life and.  This equality is ordained by God's  Word.  My Life has not always been easy I have not always been loved and respected as I am now, but that alone is a testimony to the faithfulness of The Lord - if you walk long enough with the Lord and hang in there during the tough times - 'you SHALL rejoice in time to come.'

Here is this weeks verse done by the talented Karen Murry:

Here is my entry to the challenge, I find this portrait done in the late 1920's to be an arresting image

Here is my gift to you today, this is free for you to use within public domain art.
Isn't she beautiful!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day!
Ginny M


Steven Maxam said…
A wonderful testimony to godly women. Truly when you read the Word of God women are in the forefront of many things and seem to be a big part of everything. God did not make women to be subservient but to be equal in all ways. Man and woman not only compliment each other, they complete each other. For me personally, I know I was not put on this earth to walk around telling someone what to do, I was meant to love my someone and allow her to be ALL that God intended her to be. I love you sweetheart!
Jan Castle said…
Perfect testimonial from your hubby Ginny! Thank you for the gift...wonderful picture and sentiment!!!
Paper Hugs,
Ahhh wonderful sis, aren't we blessed to know the LORD? At my next Spiritual birthday I will be 50, saved as child has its advantages in many ways.
thanks so very much for sharing, Shaz in oz.x
Ah just read hubby's comment what a treat that is :)
Ah just read hubby's comment what a treat that is :)

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