I posted this card for a ODBD challenge and I decided after it sitting on my desk for a few days I REALLY didn't like it so I had to redo it .  Ever have one of those cards?

The old one:

The New one:

This one will also mail.

Inbetween invitations and envelopes I was trying to tidy up a bit and saw this card in my mail away pile and knew it wasn't going to go anywhere.  Now I am happy with it!
Keep scrolling down for WAW !
Ginny M


Hi Ginny, I too have those cards where I re-work them into something else new that I like better, or even sometimes just recycle them into the paper bin too! I actually like both versions of this card, I don't see a vastly different change other than accessories from flowers to butterflies. Happy Easter! Hugs, Crystal
Mm def like second one better sis, well done! Shaz.x

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