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After Yesterday's marathon of birthday card making and mailing, I am back on a major spring purge.  I have my paper business and my sewing business, card making hobby and art quilting hobby.
I you would like to know how to acquire a ton of things quickly - get a hobby.  The stuff multiples over night!  Now I am in the process of removing what I am not using, not going to use and what I won't have space for ( more about that later).  So since you took the time to stop here I am going to leave you with some beautiful Asian images for your card making! Enjoy!

A few back ground papers:


Focal images:

And of course Geisha

Hope you enjoy these!
Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Mehrll said…
Beautiful images. Love the paper/card stock offer on e-bay. Just might finish loading up my room and then I will have to stay in here and work! :)
Ahhhh luff them all Ginny, thank you so very much :) xxxxx

... just praying sort out my computer issues here so things can get back to normal, BiL who has just gone away for few weeks thinks it maybe the graphics card, which knew how to replace one.
Am sure the Lord will work, all started when went to update my printer as other one was dying,. Sob!!

Never a dull moment, arrived safely home again a few hours ago after very full on day!!!
I left home at 5:40am and back again over twelve hours later travelling to Syd and back again, wasn't well really but LORD was incredibly gracious,
hugs, Shaz.x

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