Aqua Markers Technique # 3, Ink on wet paper and my sister the master quilter.

I'm going to show you my finished card first, I hardly ever do that, but since I go off on a little rant and all you are really interest in is a card idea, Here ya go:

In the past I have had a hard time using my coloring products and getting the results I wanted, to prove it I have been in a de-stashing frenzy on eBay.  I think part of the reason crafters purchase so much product is because they see an example and they think 'Yes!!  that is what I want to do - this product will help me do that!!  The they get the stuff home and the  the fizzle happens - they can't make it work.   I had this problem in quilting, I'd see all these beautiful quilts and think "oh yes, that is what I want to do , I want to make quilts just like that".  I'd buy the special ruler and get to work on it - the honest truth is my sister Robin is the Master Quilter, Nasa couldn't sew a more perfect quarter inch seam, the rulers always make sense to her ( they make me cross eyed and drooly).  Her points are perfect and if by chance one point didn't match up perfectly, she would pull it out and do it again - not like me - it would send me into guilt spasms of how I am destroying the Maxam and global economy, and how I HAVE TO DO THIS.....  Precision quilting is not for me.  Free motion embroidery and quilting is, so now I only make "art quilts" Art quilting makes my sewing genes sing - nobody needs to know I can't sew a quarter inch seam even if I do own every foot ever created for it.

An so it is with all art mediums, some just don't work for you.  The truth is we need to find what gives our inner vision the ability to become a gift in hand.  I stopped trying to make cards like other people no matter how beautiful they were, because I always failed.  They were never fun to recreate.  Other crafters love to make cards from other peoples designs  and that is great I'm not criticizing  them, I'm just saying that doesn't work for me.

It  has been my experience to try to find the techniques that work for me and then expand as I get comfortable.  This Summer I learned how to make Alcohol marker coloring work for me, Pencils and the new hot trend Aqua markers.  I decided I did not like the Distress markers and Glitter and sold and shipped them off. I went back to my beautiful rubber stamp collection and started coloring again and this time it worked, I pushed away alot of small items that were clogging my creative arteries with non essentials and made room for the big toys, the things that did work for me.  I de-blinged I don't like a lot of "stuff" on my cards, flowers while stunning on other peoples cards just weren't me.
Anything that made my cards hard to mail I found new homes for.  I know this might not be for you but the whole point is find your style and enjoy perfecting it.

I like to make cards that don't take a long time and have a high level of contrast.  I think I just can't concentrate longer than 15 minutes on one project!

After all this blah, blah blah my post today is about using the Spectrum Aqua pens. And Yes I am selling these, But my opinion is an honest one.  I love quality craft products at a price I can purchase and not have to dip into the grocery money.

This is my first attempt, a little nerve wracking to  have good results and blog about!!

I used Ranger Archival waterproof ink on 130# Canson's cold  pressed watercolor paper - actually it is more like a warm press, just a little texture, not to much not to little.  I also found my mister bottle, after hosing my last project with a more frugal dispenser (old windex bottle) I thought it would be a good idea

Inked up the stamp
This is a fine line stamp and great for this technique.
I am adding color to the paper, the last technique I added color to the stamp

First try, yay!  The image was straight and inked up just right.  I don't pull the stamps off paper to quickly.  The paper needs a few second to grab the ink.

I let the ink dry while I got another cup of coffee. MAke sure you give it some drying time
I gave the paper a pretty good shot of mist, I wasn't sure how much I should use or how much / fast the marker ink would bleed. As I still wanted a fairly controlled color application.

For the flowers I am only using two markers, Scarlet and Crimson 

I painted in with the brush nib - this nib is more like felt, it is soft an easy to use but it is not a hair type brush.

The color seemed at first a little washed out looking and I was really hoping for a more brilliant Red like a true Poppy.

as I worked in more color by either brushing or dotting the markers on the image  it began to pop, I also noticed as the paper dried, the colors became more brilliant. The paper absorbed the pigments and let them spread just a bit, giving it that nice soft water color look,

For my stems, I used two colors Chestnut and Moss with the really super fine tip nib.  These nibs were awesome for the fine details of the stems

After the coloring was done which only took about 5 minutes and that was because I was taking pictures  - I wanted to add a verse.  So I stamped on a within reach acrylic block and worked at positioning it:

Unfortunately I got distracted by my Great Dane and the verse was a smidge off - but that is okay, this is a hand made card!

I edged the focal point

And pulled some DP out of my scrap basket, Found a nice A6 size 110# base and here it is:
Not bad for a 8 minute card that was so fun to make!


If you are interested in the Aqua Pens you can go here  If you purchase a set mention my blog and I add a card kit for the Poppy card!

This technique should work with any watercolor marker!
I hope you have a great day and thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Carolyn said…
Beautiful card, Ginny, and a great tutorial on coloring.
Robyn said…
beautifully done! It is always good to see the how to photos! Love you are dedicated to Jesus Christ and his truths!
Shelly Schmidt said…
How beautifully done! I love the color pop and the verse too. I am a fussy perfectionist when sewing, and would be ripping out corners like your friend : ) I have to pick the BG colors first, and use my color charts to find the colors to match- love that you did this the other way around and still had the perfect colors to match. Wonderful tutorial.
Sherry Heier said…
Beautiful card Ginny. Thanks for the tutorial too. I'm going to try this out SOON!
MamaRose said…
I love brilliant color of the flowers. I have some Spectrum Noir markers, but I have yet to use them. Thanks for the tutorial.
Jan Castle said…
Lovely card Ginny! Great tips too! What mediums are you staying with? You said you are selling your Aqua markers....what watercolor markers will you be using?
Paper Hugs,
Lovely card Ginny, TFS, Shaz in Oz.x
Maxine D said…
Only 8 minutes for that wonderful card - !!! love it, and I enjoyed your rant too :-)

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