Spectrum Noir Coloring Tutorial# 3

Spectrum Noir Coloring Tutorial# 3  Essentials

The kit contains the works for 4 of these beautiful cards!

In this tutorial kit:

The 6 pen essential set

Premium card bases, decorative and embossed papers and images to color

It also includes  color step by Step instructions!

Here the How to in more detail!!

Doing one mushroom at a time and the snail shell I colored in using EB1

Next I added EB7  using a light streak for the gills and dots on the stems - blending with EB1 in small circular motions.  Part of the fun of alcohol marker coloring is seeing your image come alive as you build and add and sometimes take away with color.  The formula or technique that works best is the technique you develop  through coloring with your pens!

                                                                  Gills before blending


 Next I added shadow and depth by using  BGR1 and blending with EB1
along the crown of the mushroom and on the stem - I used dots and blended, adding more color until I was satisfied  with the depth and color

Using several shades of green colored pencil, I colored in the grass and blended using the Blending Pen!!  The blending pen is wonderful for blending your colored pencils!  It also works like a bleach pen if you leave it on the ink long enough.  You can correct the "oops" marks by doting on the blending pen and letting it dry.  With all Alcohol marker coloring you will want to have a clean absorbent sheet of paper underneath your image. The helps the blending pen ink remove the offending ink by leeching it out of the image paper .  I use a sheet of cold press water color paper.

Using several orange and red colored pencils I colored in the Morel Mushroom
I blended using EB1 and to make it pop even more, I used white colored pencil in the Morel's dimples and blended with EB1.

A little blue and green for the snail and his shell

  I have a trick  for my fussy cut images - I do like fussy cutting!

I outline my image like this:

Placing the image on a sheet of scrap, I outline the edge by creating the line on the paper and letting the edge guide the  bullet nib on the black pen.  Works every time and it is quick and easy!

Here my coloring is done I fussy cut the image:

I add a lot of dimensional tape - this is purely personal preference.

 And here it is again!!

You can blend any brand Alcohol markers and mix brands, I just love the Spectrum Noir - Thats why I sell quality you can afford!!


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