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I own a face book group called Christian Card Makers, it purpose is to be a place for art resource and fellowship.  With so many of the groups and swap clubs rejecting cards with bible verses I want a place I could share my digital art and make cards without criticism. We're small only about 75 members, but we are active and do lots of fun things!  There are a few members that make cards to support charities and the group helps them in their efforts.  This month we had a 6x6 pad challenge some of the cards went overseas to cheer a friend in hospice, the remainder went to a member who has a huge Chemo Angel list.   From the batch of cards I made I will be keeping a few for my own correspondence, the sentiments wouldn't be appropriate for the Chemo Angel work.

This is my 6x6 pad, a few sheets were missing - I love this pad and was really tempted to not use it (insert H word here)!

The cards:

They are pretty simple and Yes It is okay to use Mary Engelbreit's' calendar pages in this manner, I have written permission.

If you are interested in joining my Facebook Christian Card Makers group, leave me a comment.  It is a secret group ( I was getting hassled leaving it open)  There are no requirements, it is all about sharing the resources I have accumulated over the years, the Word  and of course fellowship!
Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


What gorgeous cards Ginny - and yes, I would love to join the group.
donna said…
Ginny - what a great idea, I love it. Fun to see cards out of your usual style......Love your header image too.Miss you . . .
Deborah said…
I'm intested in joining your group. Love your positive message cards.
Marilyn Mathis said…
Such lovely cards! Love the group and that it remaions Christ-focused. Hugs.
Ginny Maxam said…
Hi Deborah! I would love to have you join, I just need your Email address or facebook name to send you the invite!
Ginny Maxam said…
Hi Maxine! I would love to have you join, I just need your Email address or facebook name to send you the invite!
Lovely sis that the Lord uses the CCM group, which He owns ;) thankful also to you for your foresight to start such a group in His name.

Love all these cards, may the Lord continue to bless CCM and your hands for His glory.
Hugs Shaz in Oz.x

ps just subscribed to email as couldn't see it before right down the bottom there perhaps put it up a bit higher on sidebar???
How darling, sweet and a blessing they will be Ginny!
Ginny my f/b name is Maxine Diffey

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