We are back from our road trip!

Almost 5,000 in 16 days!   We are home and unpacked and plunked in front of the computers  watching football and blogging, I will let you guess who is doing what!!

It  was a great trip, We were able to see everyone we wanted to except one dear friend.
Our family is doing well, the Kids are healthy and happy and prospering and my Grand baby Eden is the sweet little thing.  Thankfully I'll be back soon top ba a part of her life!

We kept our purchasing to a minimum, here is what I bought:

 A new planner, a book of Scriptures and thoughts, a Take Ten magazine and 2 stacks of paper

Just something little in the way of vacation shopping but perfect for my needs.   

Steve  - My Hero- took this apart and put it in the back seat of our Camry:

Ahhh, my work chair!!  It didn't make it in the move last year!!

Here's our trip:

1St leg: 1829 miles

2nd x 2 300 miles


lots of driving to visit family in MA and CT



and last:

Due to road construction, traffic, accidents I think to say it too about 20 more hours of driving than listed!

We are tired, we are Happy, and looking forward to our move to NY!
Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Oh my goodness you really did make it an incredible road trip.... love your journal cover!! And as for that chair - it must be absolutely wonderful to have it to sit in - only to have to move it back again :-)

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