Tips on storing your distress tools and pad re-inkers

Hi everyone, today I am going to show you how I store my distress tool and re-inkers

I love my distress inks, I have all the colors and all the  re-inkers.  Sorting them with my limited space and being able to access them is an another problem!  It dawned on me today that Best Glue Ever works as a  reusable adhesive  - all you have to do it let it dry first and it becomes a reusable medium! 

 I simply wrote the  names of the inks on mat board:

Next, I let it dry, so simple!
Here it is and this is how I store it:

so convenient and requires so little space!

For my re-inkers:

I simply added a little glue to the bottom of the bottle and let it dry

Next,  I sat them in a box top

Tucked them behind the pads on my desk for easy access:

Now the distress tools and the re-inkers are at my fingertips!
so easy!  Give it a try!
Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


I use double sided tape on the base of my ink pads, and adhere the sponges to that, them stack them on their sides in trays, grouped according to colour... Love your idea Ginny

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