Painting with glue for beautiful glittery shimmer and a freebie!

Good Morning everyone!  Today I want to show you a card I made using The Best Glue Ever and super fine glitter.

You know all those yummy pads of expensive designer paper, the one you are almost afraid to cut into.  The ones where you go to the store and you have a million ideas to justify buying that pad, then you get it home and think what was I going to make?

Yup, I'm the same way! Sometimes I think I will make a card a certain way and then realize, well that will require a shirt box just to mail it in!  Well here is one card I made from a lovely G45 pad and it did go in the mail just fine - glitter, lovely flat glitter gave it that something special!

Using glitter is a wonderful way to add something special and mailable to a card!
I love to use The Best Glue Ever for my glittering projects, 

using an acrylic block, I paint the glue on using a fine paint brush and then gently tap on my glitter: 

If I miss a spot, the glue stays tacky long enough to go back and add a little more glitter. I can also add jewels and sequins. Best Glue Ever holds these embellishments perfectly - adding beauty to my card and keeping it mail-able!

This really is the

So get those yummy pads out and give this a try, you will have so much fun and you will love the beautiful results!  And here is my Freebie for your coloring fun - glittering this would look wonderful too!

  Thanks for stopping by!  Ginny M


Esther Asbury said…
The glitter really does "dress up" your lovely card! So beautiful!
WOW - what a great result using a simple technique. Thank you for the freebie too Ginny

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