Thursday, September 28, 2017

First Love and Two Freebies

The first thing I started making as a Christian, in an effort to share the gospel was the humble book mark.  Back in 1981 I bought pretty ribbon from Joann's and white card board from the local dry cleaner.  Back then buying those things meant I didn't get coffee that week on the job.  I'd hand trace the cardboard and then cut the 1.75 x 6" strip, write the verse about one out of  every four actually made it to the ribbon - calligraphy was not easy for me, you know what they say practice makes perfect - wrong! I never got to that place where I was happy with how my penmanship looked.  I thank God for my computer and printer!.   35 years later I am still making them and still sharing them!

I was asked to speak at the Bible club at a local high school this week and I wanted to leave the kids with a small gift. Steve suggested I make a bookmark - perfect!
My verse is from Philippians 2, I want to encourage these kids, to help them know God has a plan for their lives.  Don't we all want to know that?  The Lord gives us gifts and dreams for a purpose - to enhance our lives and give us a purpose in the kingdom. 

Here are the finished bookmarks:

Printed and cut - thank you Steve for the scan and cut!

An ancient stamp from my stash

Backing papers

Just a tiny bit of Best Glue Ever:

Tassels added

The verses for you!

I liked this font for the teens

I'm excited about reaching out to these kids, and even if what I say is forgotten before they are on the bus- that is okay, the Word of God stands for ever and I was able to put this encouraging verse in there hands, and maybe a few encouraging thoughts about the Hope That Dwells Within us!
I hope you enjoy using the verse and thanks for stopping by,
Ginny M


  1. Beautiful! Praying the Holy Spirit touches those kids heart's and they treasure this bookmark for many years to come and always remember the words of that "beautiful Christian Lady". O:)

  2. What a fabulous bookmark Ginny, and a brilliant idea to share the gospel with - may just make some and leave them in library books... Thank you for the freebies.

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