Some Thoughts on Your Time and Space Plus Freebies

I wanted to share a few thoughts with you today that are more about life than about crafting.  My thought today is directed at my female readers, especially Christian women.

I have always had creative space, When I was in my early twenties before marriage I had a desk instead of a bed in my apartment. Whereever, whenever, I have always had a space to create, study and write.  On top of a dryer, under a staircase - using a kitchen drawer - I've always had colored pencils and I have always had a space.
Then in 1995 I got my first computer and space became shared.  Even more so in 1997 when I downloaded my first version of On-Line Bible .
My desk still held my cup of pencils the  computer and a printer and a lot more stuff.
In 2000 The Word and Word Art became a focal point in all of my teaching and art expression.  After that, it grew and grew.  Now I am teaching, blogging, speaking, ministering, creating and reaching through art.  It is my full-time work.
I have gone to a full bookcase , a cup of pencils, and stacks of vellum to a studio and everything you can think of to help me do what I do.  Many of you are like that too.  Your occupation may not be the same as mine, but if you are a person that creates ( and I know you are, that is why you are here) and works and takes care of multi-levels of family and a myriad of other 21st century things.

I have some advice for you.  Pull your space apart and find a special nook that you can visit every day and be quiet and focus on feeding your intrinsic person.

I have a large table that serves as my "crafting" table

I have a large desk with my computers and monitors they are arranged so that for me to use them all I have to do is swivel in my chair. This works really great.  But these are work areas and I found that my "work" was overlapping into everything and I was getting distracted and losing time and focus. I am only getting busier now that I am settled into NY life - focus really became something I need to do more.  I get nervous when a deadline is coming and I am not ready - whether it is a design team commitment or a Sunday school lesson, if it isn't done on time I get nervous, which causes me to totally get off track -it is a cycle - anyone else???

I decided  I pull apart my areas and set aside a space to study the word in the morning - no computer to distract me - no facebook, no bills that need to be paid, no emails, no Zunma, no new ink color to distract me, no sample I'm supposed to review looking at me. no pile from last nights work I didn't finish and put away.

I created this space using furniture I purchased second hand really cheap - you may not have an "area"  but you probably have some place for a comfy chair or table away form your computer.

I studied my bible back in the day when I only had a bible and a concordance, a ruler and that cup of pencils.  I love the online features, but not in the mornings.  In the morning it is my time to touch the hem of His garment, it is my time to gather manna, it is my time to offer praise.  Those things are a little hard to do with Facebook and the entire internet one "enter " key away.  

My thought today: pull away from the electronics and find a quiet space to read and study and spend time at the Masters' feet.   Pull away and read, write, pray,  feed your soul . Look for the path prepared for your feet.  Facebook and the internet are fun (or are they the tower of Babel), they have their places in our 21st-century life - but be careful, more than anything else it is the voice of the Spirit of the Age (Zeitgeist). Someday I will unplug, and honestly I look forward to that day.

Pulling away and giving myself that time in the morning has brought back a focus I had been searching for and that has only enhanced the rest of my day- which will enhance the rest of my life. which will enhance my eternity.   How about you? If you are feeling good or feeling frazzeled - give this a try! - you will be blessed!

For your art: a few freebies:

Thanks for stopping by, May the Lord richly bless you and the works of your hands!
Ginny M


Thank you for the images Ginny, but most of all thank you for calling me back to my Quiet time. I have let it slip a bit, and I really need to do more,not less to be able to walk this path of grief with His Grace, and not be a blethering heap.
Wow I love the freebies.It really matters a lot. Your one of the finest artist and blogger. I always love to see your painting and read your blogs.

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