How to Create Beautiful Foiled Cards Without a Laminator.

Today I am making a card using foil and texture - without a laminator.  I love the look of foil on cards and am enjoying exploring this medium.  But I'm pretty lazy as a card maker and I don't want to purchase a machine or use my laminator to do the foiling. I am more than willing to use what I have on hand and that seems to be working very well.

Here is the card and if you are interested, the directions and product list will follow!

What you will need for this project:
Best Glue Ever
Perfect Crafting Pouch
Transfer Foils
Favorite Stamp
Ink/Coloring Toys
Basic Card Making Supplies
Embossing Machine

I select the stamp I want to use for the project, Todays' will be a sympathy card.
Picked out papers to work with the image
Foil color of choice - Silver

My foils are from ScrapPerfect, I find they are precut to the right size for my card making and come in beautiful color assortments.

Embossing folder, Embossing machine:

Here is my embossed paper
  The next step is to simply lightly rub a little Best Glue Ever over the raised embossed area and lay the foil (shiny side up) on top and lightly rub over with a tissue.  I let it dry.  Actually, I just cooked supper at this point. an hour later I gently lifted the foil:
 And I had a beautiful foiled surface; The trick is to let the glue dry! With the BGE, you don't need a separate foiling medium! One less thing occupying desk real estate!

This is the sheet after I pulled it off, This beautiful foil sheet will become a background on another card! Unfortunately, this is hard to photo!

Coloring for the image - I take my time doing this part and I enjoy doing those swatches.  They become a super reference for things in the future.  And I do use a color wheel.  I feel like I have good color sense but I am always working on enhancing my color use.  For this card, I fussy cut the stamped image by hand.

Again I hand cut a black border to give a contrasting definition with the strong background patterns.

right before I place my images on the card face, I give the card a light swipe with my perfect crafting pouch.  This will cause any glue not covered by the foil to stop sticking - I don't want my card sticking in the envelope!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you are like me at all you sometimes have to push yourself to try something new! 
Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!
Ginny M


Crystal Komara said…
I have always said how amazing and knowledgeable my crafty Yoda Ginny is! Who would have thought you could foil without heat or a laminator. . . Thanks Obi Wan!

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