How to Create a Lattice Cut and Distress Oxide Card

I'm probably not ever going to be the first person with a 'how- to' when new products come out.  I Love them from afar and that is just fine with me.  Why, because I have a significant investment in things like inks and paper.  My hope is to become proficient at one thing before I move on to the next. I kinda skipped the whole dye and stamps with matching dies trend. They take up to much room to store and time to use.  I am so glad I followed that path and waited for the Scan n'Cut  to be invented and then a little longer so that I could afford to buy it.  I also only own about 10 punches - butterflies and little flowers.  At one time I had a large collection, but because I bought a Cricut, I sold them! I don't own a package of prima type flowers and If I never bought another ribbon in my life, I'd still have way to much!  Why am I telling you this?  Well, because I never want to be a person that says buy, buy buy, just because it is out there.  I do want to say use it, use it, use it and learn more.  Learn more about what sets your creativity soaring, what makes you happy!  Buy the best you can afford, quality, not quantity. when you use quality products your art will always look better and you will feel better about what you are creating and in the case of cards, you will be proud to mail them off!

I said all that in part to say, I finally got my distress oxides out and made a card.  I really do like the Distress products and was excited to give my newish distress oxide inks a try.
They were fun and I think I need to watch a few more youtubes - I am not in love yet -I do love my regular distress inks and use them all the time!

I'll show you the card and you can decide if it will be worth reading the how-to.

I really like this quote!

Using my Cricut I cut a card from Anna Griffin Cartridge
I used a fine blade and opted not to score on the machine

This gave a beautiful sharp cut.  Some blacks cut with a raggy edge, not this one, smooth and clean!

Next, I double scored 1 mm apart - I use the Cricut Stylus for hand scoring - it works so well!

Next I splotched my oxide inks on my craft mats

Adding the water was pretty cool!

Next, I just laid my 120# Heavenly White in the wet ink and let it soak it up. Pretty easy! 

Let it dry. I colored my butterfly while this was drying

Using my needle nosed Best Glue Ever I dotted the glue on the  inside of the paper lattice

I slipped the dried Oxide background  and carefully placed it

And then put a weight on it to dry:

Anyone remember this guy?  He's survived 4 moves now!!

I created my sentiment panel from a bit that was left over from the base

Really beautiful cutting!

I hope you found this helpful and the quote inspiring!
If you are new to crafting, here are a few things that I think are must haves' - the rest will come with time.  When you give your self this time you will find you will evolve into a better crafter and not spend money on things you will never use.

Good Papers - it is the foundation of your art, I highly recommend Paper Temptress
3 cutters - one guillotine for multi sheets, one rotary cutter, and one travel size. I use a Tonic guillotine, large and travel size and a Genisis rotary trimmer.  I've been doing this for 40 years - these are the best cutters I have found for a reasonable price.
Good scissors, large and Itty Bitty - I like Tonic
High-quality inks - I use memento for alcohol coloring and Archival for watercolor
Distress inks and Memories
Coloring.  I use Alcohol pen, waterbased markers, watercolors, pastels, colored pencils
Ultra-fine sharpies - for touch up stamps
Misti Stamp tool

I hope you found this helpful and the quote inspiring!
Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


You may not love the oxides yet, but you did make a card here that I love! Such a pretty result with the die cut lattice over top! I agree, you should buy what you love and not just follow the trends. Thanks for sharing!
~~Heidi @ My Little Stamping Blog
Debra Davison said…
Absolutely gorgeous !! You have inspired me to open up my new Distress Oxides and try them out ••••
Sharon W said…
Beautiful and thank you for your thoughts!❤ I was wondering what butterfly you used on this. Love this card❣
Crystal Komara said…
This is a really beautiful background Ginny and it seemed so simple to make too! I finally purchased some alcohol inks and I'm watching videos now on how to use them, but I'm looking forward to trying something new too!
What a wonderful card Ginny - I have borrowed a Scan n Cut with the prospect of buying it (2nd hand, from a trusted source) but have not had time to play with it yet...
I am actually starting to use my oxides too....liking them also so far but like you will have to play with them a bit more...but LOVE this card....looks amazing!
love that you listed a Misti in your must have tools...I SOOOOO AGREE....couldn't live without mine now and use it for all stamping I do unless I just can't use the Misti if the stamp is too small which is about the only time I don't use it...couldn't imagine not having one is named correctly most incredible stamping tool invented FOR SURE!

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