How to Make a Beautiful Shimmery Mermaid and a Fun Freebie

                          I decided to make a pretty tag for my boxed swaps at the October                                    Split Coast Stampers Event in Ilion NY.  
The was my first time attending an event like this, what a blast! 
Each 'Shoe Box' needed a tag or label to identify who made it and what was in it.  I am really not sure why I picked a Mermaid.  But I am glad I did! I also needed to use an adhesive that I could paint with a fine line and know it would hold my beautiful flakey glitter.  Here is the end result:

The process

The digital image

Painted with Spectrum Noir Sparkle pen
In case you are wondering, I painted extra "clothes" on this mermaid.

And then very quickly added a layer of Best Glue Ever

The reason this is really the best glue for this project: it dries soft and flexible, it never makes your card brittle or rumpled.  In this case, it allows the flake to retain a measure of dimension instead of flattening out.  Another good reason - time, it took 30 seconds to lay the glue on it with the fine tip- No Oops! once the flake was applied, it took about a minute to dry - that is nice!

A little gentle pressure 

Dusted off:

And there they are 4 fast, fun labels!

Freebie for you!

Thanks for stopping by and hope you can use this!
Ginny M


Love how you 'clothed' the mermaid Ginny - your labels are wonderful!!
Thanks for the freebie

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