My Craft room

Don't we all just love a peek into craft room?  Here is mine; the space is in our basement, semi-finished and 24x30.  It is divided by the staircase

to the left of the staircase is the paper crafting side:

a giant cork board we purchased at a going out of business sale for $15.00  Card samples and ATC Collection.

Standing work area, storage

My coloring and computer desks:

Work table for myself and friends

card bases and 6x6 sorage along with solid card stock and my stash of Stampers Sampler Magazines.

designer paper 12x12 - Yes I like paper!

Electronic cutting and printing area - Love this counter it is deep enough for the machines to run the mats and for me to work on the mats

I have a separate Desk for correspondence and bulk paper storage - no more cards with ink all over the backs!

Next the right side of the staircase ( Steve built a beautiful stair case)

Cutting, Serging and Pressing

Steves Computer desk area ( we are side by side on this wall 20 feet apart)
And Gerard's bed, he has to be next to sSteve!
 Steves' study area

Steve Built this barn door, we'll stain it and I will use it for a quilting design board.

It leads to the garage and patio

It is wonderful to leave open when it's warm!

So that is my room, work, play and study. I am very thankful to have this space. It is humble but just what I need, It is always about what I do and not what I have.  
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by 
Ginny M 


Carol said…
What a wonderful craft room! Love the tree - and the kitty under it - is it ceramic? I have a ceramic one just like that my step-dad bought me back in the early 80s. God bless you in this wonderful space to create beautiful works for Him.
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What an amazing space Ginny - and how generous is Steve to let you have so much of it :-)
Crystal Komara said…
This space came together wonderfully, Ginny! I can't believe how large it looks! You've had spaces of all sizes, but I think this one seems the biggest of them all. Enjoy your room and may it spark a ton of creativity within you.

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