A few New Cards and Scripture, Image Freebies

Yesterday I spent the day unpacking and setting up a new card making area. It took me all day!  Fortunately,  I was also able to do 2 new bird tiles in the process for the quilt.  Or I should say a redo and 1 new one, more on that in another post.  It felt really good to get the ink pads and papers out again.  The first assignment was to get m caught up on church birthday cards.   I started these at 11pm and finished at about 1 am - note to self, If I stay up late again, do the photographing in the morning!

It is funny how you can feel "rusty" at something like card making, but I did

Cards for three ladies and one man

A terrible photo, but this background is such a pretty paper,  It is washi paper and it feels like fabric. 

I have freebies for your card-making

Speaking of Word Art Wednesday, Time for me to enter!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have time to make something lovely today.

Ginny M



Ginny i love your cards! I love your style of cards......not something i can do, so i totally appreciate your talent! Miss our craft time gatherings...Hope we can resume them at some point.
Beautiful cards Ginny - your cardmaking style is unique and exquisite. thank you for the freebies. Wonderful to see you posting regularly and being crafty again.
Stay safe

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