Progress and Regress on My Bird Quilt

My original plan was to have this done in one weekend. That was three weeks ago.  Well as they say slow and steady wins the race.  Not only am I doing this slowly and steadily, I am also redoing!
That is okay with me, with all the work and materials that are going into this I want it to be the best I can make it, not a race here!
  I'll show you the progress first, then the regress.

New birds:

I may paint the cardinals Wing, I don't like the brown in it.  This bird is a complete redo.  For some reason, during the last part of the sew out the image skipped in the frame. Not to self, once you start-finish.  If you restart it it may not line up correctly.

Yikes! totally out of alignment, I wondered why. I did this two more times with the same results and then I realized I forgot something!

My Stabilizer!  Presa nd seal has bee my go-to for years, it works great when you remember to use it!

Same thing here"

After I stabilized: 

One might think with all the layers it would not need a hoop stabilized.  But it does.

I can't wait to finish this quilt and hang it in my kitchen!
Thanks for stopping by, Ginny M


Oh what a lot of work, even with the embroidery done on the sewing machine!!
Loving seeing the birds coming to life Ginny.
Stay safe
Oh wow! That is amazing! So gorgeous!

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