Song Birds in the Storm

I think I am safe in saying that the year of 2020 has been one storm after another. From politics, health, biology, civil disasters. It has also been a year of personal storms, three deaths in my immediate family, children moving again, some farther, some a little closer.  There have been very good things in it too, new jobs, health improvements, home improvements, new babies, new home bible studies and church growth. 
One thing has not changed, This house Still serves God, The Lord Jesus Christ.  

 My last post was 8/23/19, that was 3 days before my mother passed.  I had not planned on stopping, I just did, I felt like I needed a break and wasn't even sure if blogging was still viable in the world of youtube and face book.  During the craziness of the last year I also stopped all design team work - I no longer wanted to be in the marketing grind, I started sewing and  machine embroidering again, commercial sewing and machine repair. 

Today I decided time to start blogging again, why? Well I am still not sure I am interesting enough, but I just might have enough to offer that would be a blessing to someone out there that can't come here. Because it is a small form of companionship and sharing, and it may be a help for those also interested in Godly living and art.   No drama here, no political rants, no hellfire and brimstone preaching. Just a pause of color and health in service and in love to the Lord and to my sisters of like mind around the world. 

So, all that to say I'm back.

In September I purchased an embroidery machine.  You know when you think you have done all kinds of research and thing think you know what you are doing,and then take the leap?   I purchased a used Viking designer 1 sewing machine, I got it for a great price 400.00 and fortunately it came with just about everything it needed and only required and additional 150.00 in "stuff" to get it running - like an old laptop and a few other bits.  But I love it, I loved it so much I bought another one  that needed a few repairs which I was able to do.  All in all I still paid 80% less than a new machine. Why used? 
Because I went to a shop and was given a demo on a Babylock Destiny - an amazing machine for sure, but I just about fainted when I was told the cost $22,000!  I asked the gal what kind of car came with it to drive it home.  She did not think that was funny.  But I could set up a payment plan for 6 years - again what kind of car comes with it????  

This was one of my first embroideries, like anything else, machine embroidery takes practice

This weekend I started doing a tile quilt by Anita Goodesign , it is called Songbirds.  
It made me think of the Verse from Song of Solomon 

The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come,

It has been a long cold winter here in CNY, with many storms.  I wanted to bring the song birds back and keep them in my cozy kitchen. 
I thought I would take you along in the process.  If you are new to machine embroidery I might have some tips for you.

Anita Goodesigns come with great tutorials, and if you try them you may want to stick to their directions. But making it your own can be fun too!

I hooped with Press and Seal for stabilizer - yes the grocery store stuff it works wonderful and is cheap and I also hooped the batting because this will be a wall hanging quilt.  Always  hoop as tight as posibel

I laid my top fabric on the hooped materials - this cotton is backed with fusible interfacing and that would be a lot to hoop, the machine pattern does a stay stitch block, so really no need to hoop the top layer ( in  my mind)

Stay stitching

Getting ready in the software, all adjustments are done in the image here, I also pull up the thread key and have all my colors lined up ready to go.  I don't use a particular brand, Just what I have so I don't pay any attention to color numbers.

Early in the design

This design is 38,000 stitches and it takes hours to make one.  Machine embroidery is a commitment to time, lots of thread changes and tweeking.  

I have twelve tiles to make for this wall hanging, I am using both machine at the same time. 
 Is is not as easy as it sounds!

I can't wait to get it finished!

I will show you the tiles as they sew out, The posts won't be so long!
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a good day, Pray for Peace.
Ginny M


Christine said…
Welcome back. So sad to hear of your losses, it's been a very trying year so far and I think there has been a greater calling out to the Lord....
Your post is very interesting. I have wondered how those embroideries were stitched, I didn't realise that software was involved. Thank you for the details. I look forward to seeing the rest of your tiles.
So glad to see you back Ginny- I had wondered what had happened in your world. My deepest sympathies for the loss of your mother and other loved ones. A difficult time {{{{{cyber hugs}}}}}
I love what you are doing with your machines - that is an amazing tile, and I look forward to seeing the next one(s). Well done too on researching and repairing your machines! What an astronomical price for a (new) sewing machine!
Stay safe
Anne said…
Bonjour Ginny! How sad I was to hear of your losses, I am very sorry. It takes time to re-adjust to life's changes and I am sure that you will continue to find renewed strength in the Lord. He will guide your steps. Your embroidery is stunning! That sheep! Oh my! Such a stunning embroidery with a beautiful verse! Keeping a blog is one way of keeping a 'diary', something you can look back on. I haven't kept my blog going for some 3 odd years, but I am toying with the idea. Who knows?..... Sending hugs and prayers to you both xx

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