A New Bible Journal page, and Freebie

I woke up thinking yesterday about the goodness and mercy King David referred to in Psalm 23.  I thought they not only follow me but they go before me, preparing the way and walking with me.  I knew this would be something I wanted to journal.  This one did not take to long to do and I will show you my page and my how-to and the matching freebie.

I created a digital image, to print and add to my Journaling Bible.  my intention was to trace it with my light pad onto the page.  However, the bible paper was just too thick.  So I printed the image on tracing paper colored and glued into my bible.

I made Mercy and Goodness bigger than my figure because they are so much bigger and they are holding my hands.  They carry vessels and pour out to me daily.  I thought about changing the woman's image to having hair pulled back, as I never wear my hair down.  But then I thought when I was young I did wear it down and my hair is even longer than this, so I will take that liberty.  This year is my 40th anniversary walking with the Lord, Goodness, and Mercy!

If you like this image, you can right-click and save
I colored with alcohol markers, the background was made using distress ink on the bible page and I glued in the sheet with Lineco bookbinding glue. It dries clear and perfectly flat.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a great day,
Ginny M


Steven M said…
I am so glad Grace and mercy held your hand until I could hold it in mine :) Beautiful image
Stunning image, thank you Ginny - I celebrated 50 years this past April since God took me at my word and never let me go, despite my stumbles in the early years! Loving your page with the soft colours
Stay safe
Christine said…
Hi Ginny,
Thank you for your recent visits to my blog and for the kind words you left there! I am so glad that I came by to reply as your art is truly a blessing. This is a touching visualization of God's kindness toward us. I also helped myself to a copy of your word art for Zephaniah 3:17 which is such a dear verse to me. Thank you for sharing this, for your kind words, and for the opportunity to see your beautiful Bible journaling pages. Christine
Unknown said…
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