Bible Journaling and Freebie and a Thrifty Tip

I started bible journaling back in 2012,  My first journaling bible was a gift for our 10th anniversary.  I have to say I was very intimidated by the whole idea.  I have always colored and doodled in my bibles and have an extensive system of marking verse with every shade of colored pencil - a system that only makes sense to me.  But to have an official journaling bible, that was something else and my first attempts were very poor.  The problem is I can't draw and my calligraphy is even worse.  So I worked on it for a while and then stopped, I was getting too frustrated.  A few years ago, I started and stopped. Two weeks ago I felt that "unction" to start up again and my youngest son and his sweet wife gave me a "Creative Bible" and a "how to draw" book!  So I guess it was time.  This time I am not intimidated, maybe turning 60 unlocked something good in me!  I thought I would share with you, not because I am so gifted at this, but because I am NOT so gifted! I don't own every supply - just the basics.  It really isn't about the talent in this art form, it is all about loving and treasuring God's word and that I do and you can too!

                                          This page is a commemorative of a beautiful message                                               Steve preached on Sunday from Psalm 63 and Joel 2:16 

The bible I am using is a KJV Journaling Bible by Barbour

I primed the page with Gesso, as I was using watercolors and stamps and Distress ink pads.
I just brushed on with a piece of craft mat behind the page. 
I also created a mask by printing a second flower and fussy cutting it- this keep the distress ink background off the flower. 

Here is a thrifty tip ( I am not affiliated- although I should be for the money I spend there)

these dehydrator mats are just about the same as the Ranger craft mats.  This 10 pack is 12.99!

great for the craft room, dehydrating or baking!  If you are interested you can check it out HERE

My  new bible is more for coloring and thoughts, and I found this very relaxing at the end of a hectic day:

Colored pencil and a bit of alcohol blender pen.

I have lots of ideas I want to try and will share them with you, 
I have a freebie for you too, you can print this and use a light pad to trace. or use it for card making. Print two, the extra for a mask.

Yes, this is a regular here on my blog, I love this flower!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great day.
Ginny M


Pamela Duncan said…
Beautiful as always Ginny.
Love how you have created this page Ginny - and thank you for the freebie
Stay safe

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