How to Not Get Caught up in Craft Spending AKA Good Stewardship and Freebie

Hello Everyone, I thought this was worth the time to listen too, Tips on how to avoid creative burn out, and how not get caught up in spending instead of creating - AKA good Stewardship!

One of the reasons I post so many items for you on my blog is to help you build a collection of art and sentiments that you can use for your card making and card ministries without cost.
It is so easy to get caught up in the marketing of "Stuff". This is one of the reasons I never designed for big companies -(I may not have been talented enough) It is so easy to get caught up in our hobbies, buying the latest and greatest. I loved working for the smaller companies and helping them grow their businesses, but even that chapter has changed and I just want to give what has been freely given to me.

I hope you enjoy this video and find it helpful - Linday is a wonderful person and artist and since I know her personally I can attest to her excellent ethics!
you can follow her here: The Frugal Crafter

Thanks for stopping by and here is a freebie for you,  I love this printed on Kraft 

Ginny M


What a lovely image! Thank you!!!

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