A wonderful discovery

Steve and I went paper shopping today, Trying to find terrific items for our little blog store and pass them on at great prices.  I think we all like to spend less while crafting and with out sacrificing quality.
I'm a big paper nut. I love beautiful paper.  I think if you are card making and use lesser quality papers, you are shooting yourself in the foot.  Better quality papers equals better quality cards.  I have seen beautiful stamps on poor papers and it is such a disappointment.  Unfortunately quality can be expensive.  To my thinking, the final product is worth that cost.  Why spend an hour to make a beautiful card if it comes out looking like a first grade art project?  We want beauty and we want people to feel the love when they receive one of our cards. If you look at cards on the web you can tell the difference immediately when quality products are  used.

I've been a long time fan of the Magenta company Rubber Stamps and recently of LeBlanche Silicone stamps.  Both of these companies make truly elegant stamps that become elegant art.  I am not a fan however, especially of Magenta's difficulty of use!!  Anyone out there that is a Magenta fan knows just what I am talking about!

I have noticed out on the retail paper market some paper  called "specialty stamping paper" Leblanche markets it and Rangeer under the Inkessentials label, they are both great stamping papers for all kinds of stamps.  But they are expensive! 

So I have come up with an alternative to theses brand name papers, my own brand name 'Specialty Stamping Paper'.  It is a product made by Sappi and you can find technical info here: http://www.na.sappi.com/products/loe  This is a wonderful warm white paper made for inks of all types, it grabs it off the stamp and hold it on with a perfect clarity!

This image is the first try with a Leblanche  Silicon stamp and Memento ink: Perfect!! 

This is a Magenta stamp with Stampin' up ink!  This was the first try, and I did not have to use my car tire  to acquire enough pressure to make this stamp work! it came out clear and crisp on the first try!!
Having used magenta stamps since Magenta started making them, I was amazed!
The paper itself has a coating on it and it is labeled as "dull" it is ultra, Ultra smooth and I have it in 80lb cover stock so it is lovely and heavy and suitable for card bases as well as stamping!

I am selling this wonderful paper at 25 8.5x11 inch sheets for 6.00 and that includes shipping!!
you can't get a better deal than that!!  I would be happy to mail a sample to you if you would like to try it before you buy it, just send me an email at maxammadestudio@hotmail.com and I would be happy to send you a sample!

I hope you are all having a great weekend, tomorrow is a special day in our house and I look forward to saying thanks to Steve for being the most wonderful father on the planet!

Ginny M


Shelly Schmidt said…
I have never heard of that brand of cardstock, but the images are just beautiful!

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