Distressing without tool stress

 I've started using disposable pointy tipped q-tip like makeup applicators for my distress inks.  I've watched a few Lablanche Stamp tutorials and noticed they are using something like a paper drawing/ blending  pencil to "paint" the inks on.  I have a few of these and don't like them  at all, I also didn't want to go out and spend a lot of money on more distress tools.  The applicators are 2.50 for 100, they last well and there are no storage issues as I keep them all in one little can and when they wear out  I toss them.  So far I've used the same set of six to do about 20 cards.

This is the card I did with the pointy tips:

This is pretty close to actual size, the pointy tips were great for putting the color in small places!
 You can use the pointy tips to draw the ink up and then draw onto the stamped image, very nice!   I've also switched to foam cosmetic wedges, they are beautiful for blending all the inks and very inexpensive,  2.99 for 32 wedges!  Spending less money on tools for products means more money for higher quality products!!<<<<

works great!!
They are easy to store!!
no special costly extra tool!!
Thanks for stopping by and if you try these items, I hope you will be as happy with them as I am!!
Have a great day!!
Ginny M


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