April envelope Challenge

I belong to a fun Facebook card swapping group called Addicted to Card Making.  Every month ATCM hosts an envelope challenge.
You receive an envelope with card making supplies, what and how much is determind by the hostess of the month.  The first card I did was a very sad thing.  It was totally out of my range of style.  It was cute, complete with a die cut teddy bear.  The supplies were first class, but I was stumped.             This Months envelope came with something I could handle, black, gray and silver!

This is what came:

I could use what ever I choose for a card base, I had to use part of everything you see here and I could add only TWO more embellishments and one stamped image!!
 This is my finished card!!
The two embellishments were the pink washi paper and the black background/frame 
The black is iffy because I used two pieces and the rules didn't say I couldn't add to the stamped image - I hope!

              The Washi is from my stash and the lovely Geisha is from Nicecrane  Designs.
I don't have an impressive printer, it's actually about 7 years old, they don't even make them any more! I just set the control on "best" and print away, These images come out beautiful! At one point my images had that layered line look, changing to "best' printing stopped that completely!
Participating in challenges is a lot of fun and a great way to stretch your skills!
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great day!!
Ginny M


Lovely work Ginny, I love the colours! Shaz in Oz.x

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