Mothers day cards and tutorial

One of my favorite illustrators Is Jessie Wilcox.  Not only do I love her art work but I have enjoyed reading about her as a person.  She worked very hard through out her life and achieved what many people would have thought impossible in her day and age.  Her life story and her art reflect something to me: Deep rooted joy in doing what she was gifted to do.

I printed my images  out on 100# Avon Brilliant white, which is a nice warm white.  I kept it to original size as the ATC size image is perfect for this project! (Designs by Nicecrane)
here they are printed and cut, I edged the images with a dark brown marker

I dry embossed the image background papers and tried ecru and black inks on the raised surfaces.  I went with the black.

Here my 160# pund Dane decided I was taking out for a walk, he got between me and the desk chair and planted himself!  He won, we went and walked a couple miles.

I cut my card bases out 80# Strathmore Wedding White (another light ecru color).  To make this an A6 size card - 4.75x6, you'll need to cute your cardstock into 8.5 x 6.
Score on the 4.25 line and again on the 61/3 line.
I did two sheets at a time

Next I pulled designer paper and cut it to fit.  I quartered 12x12 sheets and the for each image cut one 6x6 piece into 6x 5.75, the I cut that peice -5 7.75 x4  that left me with strip the perfect size to fit on the out side of the card  (2 x 5.75)

A background layer for the focal image

While working on these I kept the designer paper with the focal image and worked one card at a time.

Here you can see the designer papers glued in place along with my sentiment.  One thing you have to remember when putting these things together, only glue the back left side of the focal image!!!

Here is the rest of the set!


There is the set!!  I think it took me longer to post this than it did to make the set and walk the dog!!
I like this style of card it is a little less common and easy to whip up!
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you made it through this long post!!!
Ginny M


Wonderful to see it from woe to go, Ginny, and so agree with you on the images they're really special. Love the two layers under image. Shaz in Oz.x
Woww,woww the complete set,,,,I really love your ebossed back,, on dark colors,and the cream paper,,,,,,,they work fine wiht my J. Willcox images,,,,,. the perfect gift, my friend,,,, It take me some minutes to appreciate the complete set of cards,,,,.You are Rock.
Hi Ginny, long time no talk! Thanks so much for all of your comments on my website, I see you've been keeping track of our travels to Okinawa! We are home now, so thankful! I am loving these images. They are perfect for Mother's Day too! Hope to see you soon!! Big hugs.
Shelly Schmidt said…
How beautiful Ginny! Loving the images and the cards are so pretty- loving your DP.
We have a Christian group on SCS- Carriers of Faith-having a blog hop tomorrow- hope you will stop by and say hello!
Jan Castle said…
Beautiful set Ginny!!!! Thanks for sharing how you made your cards!!

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