Lables and Sentiments - an easy way!

My post today is about keeping labels and sentiments simple!
About once a year I spend a few hours cutting and punching smaller labels for my cards, I then punch or cut the background layers to go with them. I Also use  my electronic cutter and If I am really ambitious I will do a really bigh batch.   I store the smaller ones in a fishing lure box, the larger go into a file. I do the labels  in White, Ecru and Parchment for the backing layers I uses Black and many dark colors.

I make most of my cards without sentiments, when I need a card, I pull just the right one and then add the sentiment.

This system makes things so easy for me!!

I also keep my most used sentiment stamps right next to my work desk.
I'm not sure why it just always seems harder to put the stamps away!  By keeping them in a drawer next to me I can keep them wrangled a little better.  The unmounted stamps are in a drawer right next to this one:
Thanks for stopping by, I hope this little system my be helpful to some newer stampers, I am all for less time keeping everything under control and more time creating!
Ginny M


Jan Castle said…
Your organizational tips are great Ginny...TFS
Anne said…
I once thought of the very same idea myself but the expense is too much...most of my stamps are unmounted with no cling foam...I love that invention, so easy to use! I am sure you new system will work like a dream!

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