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I took a few pictures on day two of my new Job at Letter Press Things and I thought I'd share them with you before I start day three!
Letter Press Things is a combination of retail out let and museum , The physical space is tucked away in a vintage factory within walking distance of my house.  Perched on the 4 floor, about 30,000 square of letterpress crafters dreams come true.   Long time ago I helped do wedding invitations for my father in his business called country copy.  To say the least I was terrible at it, I just never got the knack of readying type backwards and setting it!  However I am sure this is where my love for the printed word was born.  Now decades later and post Astigmatism correction, I am surround by vintage presses, bits, bobs, fonts and furniture.  It is a very pleasant place to be!
This is a random kind of a picture showing.. 
This is called "furniture" Come in Brunette, Brown and Blonde, millions of little wooden blocks used for spacing/bracing the type in the "chase".

this is Ralph's work bench where he spends hours and hours "fonting up"  and restoring.  Fonting up is the art of putting sets of fonts (type) together in alpha order, these set can range in size from itty bitty to Giant.  those are laymen terms, they use the terms Pica and Points to refer to size and I've even been given my own ruler to help me along.  Thank God, I at least knew this!!
Presses and type trays
A beautiful Plate

Friday's treasure:
Two set of very vintage Asian fonts, made of Pine I think and hand carved.  One is Chinese and the set in the foreground I believe is  Korean.
That's it for my little picture tour!
I hope you have a great day and thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Jenn Raines said…
Marilyn said…
That is so very interesting.
very interesting Ginny loved the Asian letters.. but just what do you do?? sort and store?? or wot??

God's blessing on you and those you love this Eastertime, Shaz in Oz.x

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