Journals a reason why and a freebie

I posted yesterday about making journals with my women's  group, 
but can you believe I forgot my camera?? 
I was so busy trying to get the materials prepped

Cutting the papers and book boards:

Stacking the sets:

Punching the holes for the binding ring:

Lugging the stuff for the gals to embellish the bare boards:
X2 of these and a gallon of modge podge.

Now I need a picture of 12 happy women and one happy guy (ya he wandered over from the mens study and really wanted to make one - Why not!!)

It was a lot of fun, it was relaxing, all of my glue bottles jammed up and that just added a little drama to the event!

The reason why I wanted to do this with my group is because I think writing is a very important thing in people's lives.  It doesn't need to be pulitzer worthy, but when we pray and Ask The Lord to be a part of our lives, then when he enters into our hearts there are many things he speaks to us and we need to write them down, other wise we will over time forget.  Some things are too precious to be lost.  I can't think of how many times I walked through an uncomfortable place in my life and at the end found a scripture that put everything into perspective and then remember I had learned the same lesson long ago.  Now I write it down and re-read it, it is so immensely comforting!  

When I first became a Christian I came across a scripture in Jeremiah 31 and that scripture talks about making way marks (pillars) on your way, So that you don't get lost. I have never forgotten  it and I have never stopped making road marks. How about you?
 Have your raised up pillars in your desert places?

I digitized this verse, please feel free to use it.
It is PNG and transparent so you can over lay it.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog, 
I hope you have a great day and get a journal started!
Ginny M


Ah Ginny love the verse about setting up waymarks it is treasure we have in the word of God and how we need to live and love it. :)
Shaz in Oz.x
Mehrll said…
So thankful that the Lord gives us assurance by setting up marks along the way so that when the way takes a detour, we can find our way back. Thankful that God's Word is our map and guide book. Hugs.
Jan Castle said…
What an insightful post Ginny....Thanks for the reminder that we need a way to remember God's blessings!!!
Paper Hugs,
Eliza said…
This is really a heart warming post Ginny, so sorry you forgot your camera, you could always use your mobile.

Hugs Eliza

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