"Bedazzled" and snow

I belong to a small card swap group called Tanoshi Swappou, it is Japanese for Happy Swapping.  It is a small group about 20 people  and lots of fun.  The month we had a technique swap called bedazzled and I signed up for it -one of those times I say why do I do this to myself??  That swap wasn't as bad as the mermaid swap, where after several tries of making a mermaid card , I threw the stamp in the envelop and mailed it off to my partner ( I just don't do cute).  I'll show you the finished card first:

I like it and I think it came out great.  These cards start out with using a paper napkin. You peel off the utility layer and the stick the print layer on to card stock, this is pretty easy for me as I have a stash of sticker on one side card stock on the other.  With the sticky surface I was able to get perfect adhesion.  The problem was you have to treat the top surface with another adhesive of some kid and then use ultra fine glitter or a heat set glitter.   I didn't have the heat set product, so I went out side , went out side and gave it a good spray of spray adhesive and then liberally added the glitter.  only one problem, it was 1 degree out today and windy.  Note to self, wait till spring before you make another one if the cards.  It is all a learning experience, and my deck look very pretty with the extra glittery snow,  Note to self, wait till spring before you make another one if the cards.  This is also looking pretty getting tracked through my house,  
Note to self, wait till spring before you make another one if the cards.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great day!
Ginny M 


ah Ginny had to smile at you sending the stamp off to your partner :D would struggle with mermaid cards too :D love this one though!! :D
Thanks so much for sharing,
Shaz in Oz.x

{Shaz in Oz –Calligraphy Cards blog}
Hi Ginny, oh what a beautiful card, but such a funny store to go along with it! Glitter spritzing in 1* weather is probably not worth it, right!? : )
Cathy Kuntz said…
Every time I look at your card I am just in awe. Absolutely stunning. If it is this beautiful on the Internet, I can only imagine how beautiful it is in person. Love it.
Jan Castle said…
Totally understand!!!! Your hard work paid off, the card is gorgeous Ginny!!!! Now for the clean up!
Paper Hugs,
Hey Ginny... Note to self... wait til Spring to do another one of these... hee hee. It is really a wonderful card.

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