The really Big Snow

 The weather forecaster tells us this storm is going to be "historic", great. They are telling us be prepared, you may loose power and heat for days.
Steve and I spent the afternoon with my mom and her boyfriend celebrating his 85th birthday and making sure they were ready for the "historical event".  When I got home I made sure I was ready too.  I have food ready to be reheated on a camp stove, candles, flashlights, water, tons of popped popcorn, I baked three loaves of bread today.  I bought 50lbs of dog food and big box of "cookies", Cat treats, 50 lbs of salt.  We know where the boots, gloves and hats are and we have full tanks of gas for the cars and an extra for the snow blower.  Oh and I brewed espresso just in case, Ice coffee is just fine and much better than no coffee.   I'm a New Englander and it is January, so we will see if we make history ( I am hoping not!!)

In between baking for stormaggeddon I made these two cards tonight: they are for an OSA Swap, the theme is Birds.

I enjoy swapping cards , but there is a primary reason I do, it is an opportunity for me to share something that I think is the most important thing in the world to be shared:


I share Him every opportunity I can!

If you are in New England I hope for all our sake they are wrong about this storm, but if they are right, it might be a few days before any of us are back on line.
In any event thank you for stopping by and stay safe!
Ginny M



Robyn said…
Your card/art are stunning!! What a terrific gift He has given you. So very good to see others share the good news of Jesus!! Trusting you still have electric, warmth and Hot coffee!
Ah beautiful sis, adore these cards, and yes agree on the opportunity to share the word of God and on all the necessary preps too.
Pray you are all safe,
Hugs Shaz in Oz.xx
Anne said…
Your cards are just beautiful! I LOVE those birds!I am always amazed at your prolific card making skills, I find it difficult to just make one! I think your idea to join in card swaps is superb. Bravo!

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