Less is more in black + white

Today I've been working on my OSA swaps and I thought while I did this I would enter one of the cards in the Less is More blog challenge.  The theme for my OSA card is Ginko - I needed to make two.  When I checked  the Less is More blog I was surprised to find the color challenge was "mostly black".  I already had my stamp in mind but I honestly didn't have black as the base color.

So I thought why not give it a try, What is the worst that could happen - I toss the card and try again.  I actually ended up liking this a lot.  The card is different.  
I thought I'd share a couple of tips with you too!

The stamp is a Sandy Miler and a favorite of mine. 
 I used white color box ink and white embossing powder on a 110 base.  I used a static pad pillow thing on the paper, stamped added the powder and then heated.

Pretty straight forward -this was the better of the two, I added a spritz of water and glycerin on the ink pad and smooshed the water into it, Juicing up the pad was a big help.

The first one did not have quite enough ink on the paper and did not emboss as well

 I added a little more ink using this foam applicator. I did not reheat.

To color the Ginko leaf I used a tiny bit of metallic paint in two colors. I love using metallics  in my stamping, I will have to show you how beautifully this works on large background stamps!

There are times when you heat emboss that you actually miss heating up a part and make the discovery after the fact and after you have smudged the powder. Here I carefully brushed the powder away with a dry water color brush and then using a white gelly pen wrote in the small area that didn't get embossed.  This really works well and you can do this in any color combo.

You may also notice white smudges on the black, this requires another simple fix:
A light touch with a brush marker!

The card face after the repairs!  Looks pretty good!

And now the finished cards:

I even remembered to my my watermark on it!!

I really enjoyed making these, I hope they fall in the guidelines for The Less is More Challenge!  Stop over and give it a try!!
Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Adore this gonko image, great stamping sis, with a little help with few tips!!!!
Love it all. Shaz in Oz.x
Chrissie said…
Great work Ginny
Your creation is really attractive!
Thanks so much
"Less is More"
Sazzle Dazzle said…
A fantastic and striking card Ginny.
Great take on this week's challenge and love your technique tutorial.
Thanks so much for sharing and taking part.
Sarah xx
Less is More
Mehrll said…
Very nice card.

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