Something helpful for card makers 2016

I Thought I would put up something helpful for those of you who participate in card swaps.  I've been making a book for the last few years to help me keep track of my card swaps.  Some of you belong to many groups and I have to be honest I don't know how you keep up!! Being organized also keeps you from being on the sit out lists!

I always get excited about making my new books and journals for the new year.  I also make sure all my digital photos are organized and put in their correct files.

I have two jpgs for you if you like my system for the  swaps.  I keep it very simple. one page per group, per month:

You can down load either or both.  In the past I used the horizontal version, this year I am going for the  vertical.

I like the cover I made a few years ago so I just open the coil and reuse it.  I made it out of mat board to last - and it has!

I set up a word template - simply I create a page that is 5x7 and then paste this jpg on it, then Save As: swap sheet.  I save it in a file I keep on my desktop called "printing templates".  My template folder is really important to me as I have blank templates set up to do frequent and important printing;  product and label tags and blanks for digital work.  I precut my paper to these sizes.  It makes cut and past printing a snap!

Printed sheets waiting to be punched on the Cinch machine:


adding the back and front, pressing the ring spin closed

and yes about 25% of the time I put it on backwards!

So I pull the spine apart and try again!

This time I get it right!

I also added monthly dividers for ease of use:

and here is my new book, I reused the covers and scrap paper.

I hope this keeps me on track and and that you might find it a useful tool too!
Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Worked it out, changed some setting and had to change one back again ..
Just had an unsavoury site pop up when went into ODB site and decided that clear all out and change settings but made it too restrictive.

If you tend to forget which way to put the cover when binding make visible note next time you get it right and put it inside where you'll see it.
I have to do that with my printer. It is opposite to my old one and tend to forget otherwise.
Hugs Shaz.x

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