So where did last week go? I know, you don't know either!  
It is Whats on your Work Desk Wednesday again and here is my work desk:
It's pretty much a mess:
                                             My stand up area seems to be easier to keep clean,                                             this is where I do all my cutting and usually gluing.

My sit down arera I do all my coloring and my correspondence and I do a lot of it, swing to the right and I have my computer, monitors and printer.

I had a swap to make a card for, the theme was napkin card so I made four cards from one napkin, The Stamp is a Tim Holtz hand written sentiment stamp:

After I did the adhering of the napkin onto a base and before putting  onto layers, I gave it a pretty thick coat of lineco glue, after it dried it looked like a glossy fresco and I really liked it!  Easy technique with good results I think!

I just love this color palette!!
I hope you can make the time to head over to Julia's blog and join the crafty desk to blog hop!  Join in too while you are at it, it is easy!!
Thanks for stopping by!!
Ginny M


What a busy area Ginny - and such pretty cards. I love napkin cards, but have never thought of 'sealing' them as you have. I have never heard of lineco glue, I must google it :-)
Wonderful sis, do love the effect, very clever work!!! Shaz in Oz.x
all those colorful pens and markers make me happy. Vicky(#1)
sandra de said…
Looks like you got a wonderful result with the napkin. Sealing them has left such a lovely finish. Good idea.
sandra de @19
Glenda said…
Beautiful card and I love the space you have! Lovely all around! Glenda #25
Lisca said…
What a beautiful card! Lovely idea to use a napkin.
Have a great week,
Nikki said…
This is looking so kewl the way the napkin turned out with the glue on it hugs Nikki 9
Artatag said…
Your desk looks very well organized and your card is awesome!
Gabriele 39
Julia Dunnit said…
I love that card - wonderful sentiment..perfect for the picture too. So what's the germ Ex for? I hope you arent ailing.
Unknown said…
Looked up the Lineco glue but discovered there are several types. Could you please consider posting a photo of the one you use next week??? I have not heard of napkin cards and had to google that as well. Found a great video. Do love the bird napkin you used and would love to have one if you have an extra. Great post this week as you gave inspiring information!
Ginny Maxam said…
Hi Diane, I would be happy to send you a napkin, I just need your address. pls send me an email: maxammade@hotmail.com you can go to amazon and type in 'Lineco Neutral Ph Adhesive 1 Gallon Bottle' and the picture will come up!
Ginny Maxam said…
It is a hand sanitizer, I think it just landed in my room after the move. I used to keep it on my desk when I worked for a letter press company lst year, the building was very dirty and the shop had no running water! Shop was on the 4th floor and lavatory on the ground floor!!
Gorgeous card Ginny. I bought loads of napkins but haven't got round to using them must do something with them in the new year. Sorry I'm a bit late, on catch-up this week.
Take care and happy woyww, Angela x 19

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