Blankets of Love

I received a wonderful box yesterday form my Heart Strings (yahoo group) Friend Nikki.  This is actually the second box of "strings Nikki has sent me.  Her kind heart is helping me to help others.

This box weighed a Ton!! 

Beautiful Clean fabrics waiting to go into a quilt!

Most of these pieces were already cut in to strips - to make a string quilt! there were also many other shapes and random fabric bits.

I have a system to keep these and help me quilt them up. Odd shape pieces go into a "Bits Bib" large pieces go into my "To be Cut Bin"  The string get sorted in color order and theses stay on a shelf until I am ready to quilt.

to give you an idea what a heart string quilt looks like, here is one I made a few years ago: This is one of my first ones.  It isn't perfect but I'm not sure the guy at the Springfield rescue mission that received it cared much.  It was pretty, made with Love and Warm!!

After 30 minutes of sorting I still wasn't through this jam packed box!!

After the box was emptied my Bins were full and so weren't my string bins!!  I have a lot of fabric here and I look forward to getting these quilts done up when my friend Pam comes back from vacation!

If you would like more info on the the HeartStrings Group, what we do and how we do it, 

go here:     Heart Strings Project 

Thank you Nikki!!!


Marilyn Mathis said…
Beautiful string quilt. Nikki was very kind to send you the material. You are organized as usual. Have a great day in the Lord.
What beautiful fabric, and a huge quantity!! An awesome blessing to be able to pass on - I must admit I wondered what a string quilt was, so I was glad to see yours, which looks pretty good to me, Ginny.
Therese said…
I did not know that these quilts had a name. My Mom is a quilter and has one on the spare bed at her house and it is one of my favorites. I am a papercrafter but have in the last few years started doing some hand stitching and needless to say have started a fabric collection that will never be all used up by any hand stitching projects so I will consider doing up a string quilt. Should be able to make one square at a time until there is enough to make a quilt!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Nikki said…
Glad you enjoyed the box of scraps....and I enjoyed seeing how you organized it. That part can be daunting. I started with one string bin, now have three.....girl fabric, boy fabric and neutral. After Mary started the rainbow idea I had a few sorted by color....then those went into the box to you, lol. I am focused on squares right now, Film at Five quilt, 16 patch stars, etc. I am sure I will find my way back to strings soon. Will start another box for you. So happy the strings are blessing you and others. XXOO

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